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The combined collections of the seven institutions in the Oregon University are available (with certain exceptions) to the students, faculty, and staff of Western Oregon University through interlibrary loan AND direct borrowing. If materials are borrowed directly from libraries rather than through the Library's interlibrary loan services, the Library will return the materials to the lending library.

Polk Library Information Network (PLIN)

The Polk Library Information Network (PLIN) is a consortium of the libraries of Dallas, Independence, Monmouth, and Western Oregon University.
PLIN's mission is to cooperate to provide library and information resources to city and county residents and to the students, faculty and staff of the university.
Through cooperative programs, sharing of resources, technology projects, organization and conservation of local history materials, publications, training, and grant activities, the libraries seek to improve public access to information.

The Hamersly Library is an active participant in the PLIN consortium. The other member libraries offer students access to materials that are generally not collected by the Hamersly Library and the Hamersly Library offers community members access to scholararly resources that typically are not available at the local public libraries. The library alsooffers withdrawn books and gift books not selected for the collection to PLIN member libraries before discarding them.