LC Call Number Subject Level Selector
A General Works II Janeanne
A-AY Reference Works II Janeanne
AZ Scholarship and Learning I Janeanne
B-BD, BH-BJ Philosophy,Aesthetics, Ethics II Janeanne
B1-67 General and Reference Works II Janeanne
B108-708 Ancient Philosophy. Greek Philosophy II Janeanne
B720-785 Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy II Janeanne
B790-5739 Modern Philosophy II Janeanne
BC Logic II Janeanne
BD Speculative Philosophy II Janeanne
BH Aesthetics I Janeanne
BH81-221 History II Janeanne
BH301 Special Topics.Irony.Surrealism.Symbolism I Janeanne
BJ Ethics  
BJ 71-944 History I Janeanne
BJ991-1185 General Works I Janeanne
BJ1518-1535 Individual Ethics, Character I Janeanne
BJ1188-1295 Religious Ethics:Christian. Jewish. Islamic I Janeanne
BJ1545-2193 Conduct of Life. Etiquette I Janeanne
BF Psychology    
BF173-175 Psychoanalysis I Roy
BF180-205 Experimental Psychology I Roy
BF231-299 Sensation I Roy
BF309-499 Consciousness. Cognition. Perception. II Roy
BF501-593 Motivation. Feeling. Emotion. III Roy
BF608-635 Will. Volition. Choice. III Roy
BF636-637 Applied Psychology I Roy
BF660-666 Comparative Psychology. Animal and Human Psychology. III Roy
BF685-698 Sexual Behavior. Motivation, Personality III Roy
BF699-839 Genetic Psychology. Adolescence. Aging. III Roy
BF1001-1999 Parapsychology. Occult Sciences I Roy
BL Religions.Mythology.Rationalism. II Janeanne
BL53 Psychology of Religion I Janeanne
BL300-325 Myth.Comparative Mythology II Janeanne
BL425-619 Religious Doctrines.Worship I Janeanne
BL660-2630 History and Principles of Religion II Janeanne
BL1000-2490 Asian and African Religions I Janeanne
BL2500-2599 Religions of the Americas II Janeanne
BL2700-2790 Rationalism I Janeanne
BP ISLAM II Janeanne
BP300-600 Bahaism.Other Oriental Religions II Janeanne
BR138-481 Church History, by Period I Janeanne
BR500-1500 Church History, by Country I Janeanne
BR1600-1617 Persecution.Toleration.Liberalism I Janeanne
BS BIBLE II Janeanne
BS701-1830 Old Testament II Janeanne
BS1901-2970 New Testament I Janeanne
BT Doctrinal Theology I Janeanne
BV Practical Theology I Janeanne
BX100-750 Eastern Churches I Janeanne
BX801-4795 Roman Catholic Church I Janeanne
BX4800-9999 Protestant Churches I Janeanne
CB History of Civilization and Culture I Shirley
CC1-960 Archaeology I Roy
CD-CE Diplomatics.Archives.Chronology I Roy
CJ Numismatics 0  
CN Inscriptions 0  
CR Heraldry.Chivalry 0  
CS Genealogy.Family Histories 0  
CT1-209 Biography II Janeanne
CT210-3199 National Biography II Janeanne
CT3200-9999 Biography of Women II Janeanne
D1-24 General Works.Collection II Shirley
D25-27 Military and Naval History (General) I Shirley
D31-34 Political and Diplomatic History I Shirley
D51-100 Ancient History I Shirley
D101-203 Medieval History II Shirley
D204-900 Modern History II Shirley
D901-9999 EUROPE (General) II Shirley
DA1-699 Britain/England II Shirley
DA700-745 Wales I Shirley
DA750-890 Scotland I Shirley
DA900-995 Ireland.Northern Ireland I Shirley
DB Austria.Hungary.Czechoslovakia I Shirley
DC France II Shirley
DD Germany II Shirley
DE-DG Greece.Italy I Shirley
DH-DJ Netherlands.Belgium I Shirley
DJK Eastern Europe:General I Shirley
DK1-4009 Soviet Union II Shirley
DK4010-4800 Poland I Shirley
DL Scandinavia I Shirley
DP1-500 Spain I Shirley
DP501-776 Portugal I Shirley
DQ Switzerland I Shirley
DR Balkan Peninsula I Shirley
DS35-326 Middle East II Shirley
DS335-498 South Asia II Shirley
DS501-689 East Asia.Southeast Asia II Shirley
DS701-798 China II Shirley
DS801-897 Japan II Shirley
DS901-935 Korea II Shirley
DT43-159.9 Egypt.Sudan I Shirley
DT160-347 North Africa I Shirley
DT348-364 Central and Sub-Saharan Africa I Shirley
DT365-469 East Africa I Shirley
DT470-1000 West Africa I Shirley
DT1001-3415 Southern Africa I Shirley
E51-100 Pre-Columbian America.Indians of North America II Shirley
E101-135 Discovery of America.Early Exploration II Shirley
E151-F970 UNITED STATES II Shirley
E162-169 Description.Travel, by Period II Shirley
E169.1 Civilization.Intellectual Life II Shirley
E171-180 Historiography.General Works II Shirley
E181-183 Military History.Diplomatic History II Shirley
E184-185 Elements in the Population.Ethnic Groups.Afro-Americans II Shirley
E186-298 Colonial Period.Revolution II Shirley
E301-440 Revolution to Civil War II Shirley
E441-455 Slavery II Shirley
E456-655 Civil War Period II Shirley
E660-738 Late 19th Century II Shirley
E740-879 20th Century II Shirley
F1-975 U.S. State History(Pacific Northwest History) III Shirley
F1001-1140 Canada II Shirley
F1201-1392 Latin America II Shirley
F1201-1392 Mexico II Shirley
F1401-1419 Latin America:General II Shirley
F1421-2200 Central America.West Indies.Caribbean Sea II Shirley
F2201-3799 South America II Shirley
G-GF Geography.Oceanography.Human Ecology.    
G-GA Geography:General. Mathematical Geography.Cartography. II Roy
GB Physical Geography II Roy
GC Oceanography I Roy
GF Human Ecology.
II Roy
GN Anthropology.Ethnology.Archaeology.                                          II Roy
GR-GT Folklore.Customs.Costume.    
GR Folklore II Roy
GT1-7070 Customs II Roy
GT Costume II Shirley
GV Recreation.Physical Training.Sports.Games.    
GV1-200.66 Recreation.Leisure.Outdoor Life.Outdoor Recreation. II Camila
GV201-555 Physical Training II Camila
GV561-1195 Sports II Camila
GV1199-1570 Games.Theatre, miniature. II Camila
GV1580-1799 Dancing II Camila
GV1800-1860 Circuses.Spectacles.Outdoor Amusements. 0  
H Social Sciences:General    
HA Statistics I Roy
HB-HJ Economics II Roy
HB Economic Theory II Roy
HB848-3700 Population.Demography. II Roy
HB3711-3840 Business Cycles.Econ. Fluctuations.Forecasting. II Roy
HCO-94 Economic History and Conditions II Roy
HC95-407 Economic History:North America.Europe. II Roy
HC410-1085 Economic History:Asia. Arab. Countries. Africa. Australia. Oceania. II Roy
HD19-91 Production II Roy
HD101-2210 Land.Agriculture I Roy
HD2321-4730 Industry II Roy
HD4801-6940 Labor:Unions II Roy
HD6951-8943 Labor:Sociology II Roy
HD9000-9999 Special Industries and Trades I Roy
HE Transportation.Communication. II Roy
HF1-4040 Commerce II Roy
HF5001-6191 Business II Roy
HG Finance II Roy
HJ Public Finance II Roy
HM-HV Sociology    
HM Sociology:Theory.Social Psychology. II Roy
HN Social History and Conditions I Roy
HQ1-1100 Family.Marriage.Children. III Roy
HQ1101-9999 Women.Feminism. II Janeanne
HS Associations.Societies. I Roy
HT Communities.Classes.Races. I  
HV1-5840 Social Pathology. Social Welfare III Roy
HV6001-9920 Criminology III Roy
HX Socialism.Communism.Anarchism. I Roy
J Political Science    
J1-981 Official Documents II Roy
JA Collections/General Works II Roy
JC Political Theory.The State. II Roy
JF Constitutional History and Administration: General.Comparative. II Roy
JK1-510 United States    
JK511-1599 Branches of Government II Roy
JK1711-2230 Politics.Civil Rights. II Roy
JK2251-2391 Political Parties II Roy
JK2403-9600 State Government II Roy
JL Canada.Latin America II Roy
JN Europe II Roy
JQ Asia.Africa.Australia.New Zealand.Oceania. II  
JS Local Government II  
JV Colonies.Imperialism.Emigration.Immigration. II Roy
JX International Law.International Relations.International Organization. II Roy
K Law    
K Law: General.Comparative. I Roy
KB Ancient Law.Theocratic Systems. I Roy
KD-KE United Kingdom.Anglo-American Law.Common Law.Canada. 0 Roy
KF United States I Roy
KF390.5.C6 Computers - Laws and Legislation I Roy
KF4501-5130 Constitutional Law I Roy
KF8700-9075 Courts.Procedure I Roy
KF9201-9760 Criminal Law.Criminal Procedure I Roy
KJ-KZ Law of Other Countries I Roy
KJ-KM Europe 0 Roy
KP-KQ Asia 0 Roy
KR Africa 0  
L Education    
L Education:General III Camila
LA History of Education II Camila
LB1-1050 Theory and Practice of Education Teaching III Camila
LB1051-1139 Educational Psychology.Child Study. III Camila
LB1140-14879 Preschool.Kindergarten. III Camila
LB1501-1602 Elementary Education III Camila
LB1603-1695 Secondary Education III Camila
LB1705-2286 Teacher Education and Training III Camila
LB2300-2430 Higher Education II Camila
LB2801-3095 School Administration Organization III Camila
LC1-1389 Special Aspects of Education.Moral and Religious Education. III Camila
LC1390-5163 Education of Special Classes and Persons III Camila
C5201-6691 Education Extension.Adult Education. II Camila
LD-LS Individual Institutions I Camila
LT Textbooks I Camila
M-MT Music    
M1-1366 Music (Scores) :Collections.Instrumental Music III Shirley
M1495 Vocal Music III Shirley
ML1-110 Music:History and Criticism.Literature. II Shirley
ML111-158 Bibliography.Discography. II Shirley
ML385-429 Biography II Shirley
ML410 Composers II Shirley
ML416-429 Performers.Conductors.Others. II Shirley
ML430-455 Composition II Shirley
ML460-1354 Musical Instruments.Instrumental Music. II Shirley
ML1400-3275 Vocal Music.Opera II Shirley
ML3400-3779 Popular Music.National Music.Folk Music.Dance Music II Shirley
ML3800-4923 Musicology.Philosophy of Music.Acoustics and Physics of Music. II Shirley
MT1-39 Musical Instruction and Study II Shirley
MT40-86 Composition.Orchestration.Conducting. II Shirley
MT90-150 Analytical Guides II Shirley
MT170-728 Instruments:Techniques. II Shirley
MT820-949 Singing II Shirley
N-NX Fine Arts    
N1-5299 Visual Arts: General Art Museums. Galleries. Exhibitions I Shirley
N5300-6494 History of Art, by Period II Shirley
N6501-7418 History of Art, by Country II Shirley
N7420-9165 Art: General Works. Technique. Criticism II Shirley
NA Architecture I Shirley
NA200-1613 History of Architecture I Shirley
NA2695-8480 Architecture: General Works. Special Classes of Buildings I Shirley
NA9000-9425 Cities. City Planning I Shirley
NB Sculpture II Shirley
NC Graphic Arts. Drawing. Design II Shirley
ND Painting II Shirley
ND200-1113 Painting, by Country II Shirley
ND1130-3416 Painting: General Works II Shirley
NE Print Media II Shirley
NK Decorative Arts II Shirley
NX The Arts in General II Shirley
P Language and Literature: General    
P31-85 Theory. History of Philology II Janeanne
P87-99.5 Communication. Mass Media II Janeanne
P101-120 Language. Comparative Philology I Janeanne
P121-200 Linguistics I Janeanne
P201-9999 Comparative grammar. Style. Lexicography I Janeanne
PA Classical Languages and Literatures    
PA1-200 Classical Languages (General) I Janeanne
PA201-1179 Greek Language 0  
PA2001-2995 Latin Language 0  
PA3050-5665 Greek Literature I Janeanne
PA6000-8595 Latin Literature I Janeanne
PB - PH Modern European Languages    
PB1-431 General Works II Janeanne
PB1001-3029 Celtic Literature 0  
PC1-2000 Romance Languages. Italian II Janeanne
PC2001-4000 French II Janeanne
PC4001-4977 Spanish II Janeanne
PC5001-5498 Portuguese 0  
PD1-1500 Germanic Languages II Janeanne
PC1501-5929 Scandinavian Languages 0  
PE1-1699 English Literature II Janeanne
PE1700-3729 Dialects. Americanisms. Slang II Janeanne
PE3730-9999 English II Janeanne
PF West Germanic Languages 0  
PG Slavic Language and Literatures 0  
PG550-1798 Yugoslav, Bulgarian and Serbo-Croatian Literatures 0  
PG2001-3299 Russian Language and Literature 0  
PG3300-3698 Individual Authors: Russian 0  
PG4001-7498 Czech and Polish Literatures 0  
PG8001-9665 Baltic. Albanian 0  
PH Finnish. Hungarian. Basque Literatures. 0  
PJ-PL Oriental Languages and Literature    
PJ1001-1989 Egyptology 0  
PJ3001-8518 Semitic Languages and Literatures 0  
PK Indo-Iranian Languages and Literatures 0  
PL1-889 East Asian Languages and Literatures 0  
PL901-998 Korean 0  
PL1001-3207 Chinese 0  
PL5001-7511 Other Asian an Oceanic Languages and Literatures 0  
PL8000-8844 African Languages and Literatures 0  
PM Native American Languages and Literatures I Janeanne
PN Literatures: General. Criticism. History. Collections    
PN1-1009 Collected Works Criticism. Literary History II Janeanne
PN1010-1451 Poetry II Janeanne
PN1560-3307 Performing Arts. Mass Media. Theater II Shirley
PN3311-4698 Prose. Fiction. Oratory II Janeanne
PN4700-5650 Journalism. The Press II Janeanne
PN6010-6525 Collections of General Literature II Janeanne
PQ1-3999 French Literature    
PQ1-1297 History. Criticism. Collections II Janeanne
PQ1300-1595 Old French Literature I Janeanne
PQ1600-2699 Individual Modern II Janeanne
PQ3809-3999 French Literature Outside France 0  
PQ4001-5999 Italian Literature 0  
PQ6001-8929 Spanish Literature II Janeanne
PQ6001-6269 History. Criticism. Collections II Janeanne
PQ6271-6676 Individual Authors, by Period II Janeanne
PQ7081-8929 Spanish Literature in Latin America I Janeanne
PQ9001-9999 Portuguese Literature 0  
PR English Literature    
PR1-1369 History. Criticism. Collections II Janeanne
PR1490-1799 Anglo-Saxon Literature I Janeanne
PR1804-6076 Individual Authors, by Period II Janeanne
PR8300-8997 Scottish, Irish and Welsh Literatures 0  
PR9080-9639 Canadian, Caribbean, African, Indian, Australian and New Zealand Literatures I Janeanne
PS American Literatures    
PS-690 History. Criticism. Collections II Janeanne
PS700-3576 Individual Authors, by Period II Janeanne
PT1-4899 German Literature II Janeanne
PT5001-9999 Dutch Literature. Scandinavian Literatures 0  
PZ Collections. Nursery Rhymes I Camila
Q General Sciences    
Q124-127 History II Anne
Q174 Philosophy. Methodology II Anne
Q295-360 System Theory. Cybernetics. Artificial Intelligence II Roy
QA Mathematics    
QA9-10.3 Mathematical Logic II Anne
QA31-41 Mathematics: General Works II Anne
QA75-76.8 Computer Science II Roy
QA150.297 Algebra. Mathematical Statistics II Anne
QA300-433 Analysis I Anne
QA443-699 Geometry II Anne
QA801-939 Analytic Mechanics    
QB Astronomy I Anne
QC1-849 Physics I Anne
QC20-28 Mathematical Physics I Anne
QC171-220 Atomic Physics. Relativity 0  
QC221-495 Sound. Acoustics. Heat. Light. Optics. Spectroscopy 0  
QC501-764 Electricity. Magnetism 0  
QC770-799 Nuclear Physics. Nuclear Energy. Radioactivity 0  
QC801 Geophysics. Cosmic Physics 0  
QC851-999 Meteorology. Climatology I Anne
QD Chemistry    
QD71-142 Analytic Chemistry II Anne
QD147-199 Inorganic Chemistry I Anne
QD241-499 Organic Chemistry II Anne
QD450-699 Physical and Theoretical Chemistry II Anne
QD901-999 Crystallography 0  
QE Geology    
QE351-499 Mineralogy. Petrology I Anne
QE500-700 Structure Geology. Stratigraphy I Anne
QE701-996 Paleontology. Paleozoology I Anne
QH Natural History. Biology    
QH45-83 Natural History. Nature Conservation II Anne
QH361-490 Evolution. Genetics II Anne
QH471-530 Development. Physiology. Molecular Biology II Anne
QH540-549 Ecology II Anne
QH573-671 The Cell. Cytology II Anne
QK Botany    
QK641-673 Plant Anatomy II Anne
QL Zoology    
QL362-739 Invertebrates. Vertebrates II Anne
QL750-991 Ethology. Anatomy. Embryology II Anne
QM-QP Human Anatomy. Physiology    
QM Human Anatomy II Anne
QM601-699 Human Embryology II Anne
QP1-348 Physiology II Anne
QP12-353 Microbiology II Anne
QP351-499 Nervous System and the Senses II Anne
QP501-801 Animal Biochemistry II Anne
QP901-981 Experimental Pharmacology I Anne
QR Bacterial. Microbiology II Anne
R Medicine    
R126-684 History. Biography 0  
RA Public Aspects of Medicine I Anne
RB Pathology 0  
RC Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine 0  
RC435-576 Psychiatry. Psychopathology III Roy
RD-RK Special Branches of Medical Practice. Dentistry 0  
RJ Child Psychiatry II Roy
RM-RS Therapeutics. Pharmacy 0  
RT Nursing 0  
S Agriculture 0  
S-SD Agriculture. Conservation. Plant Culture. Forestry 0  
SF-SK Animal Culture. Veterinary Medicine. Aquaculture. Hunting. Conservation. Outdoor Life. I Anne
T Technology. Engineering    
T10.5-11 Technical Information. Technical Writing 0  
T57.6-57.62 Operations Research. System Analysis. Simulation I Roy
T57.7-57.95 Programming. Networks. Decision Theory II Roy
TA-TH General Engineering. Civil Engineering Group 0  
TA1630-1650 Image Processing I Roy
TC Hydraulic Engineering. Ocean Engineering 0  
TD Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering 0  
TE-TH Roads. Railroads. Bridges. Building Construction 0  
TH7675.T Theater, Lighting I Shirley
TJ Mechanical Engineering. Automation 0  
TK Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Engineering 0  
TK4399.T6 Theater, Lighting I Shirley
TK5101-5865 Telecommunications 0  
TK5105.5 Computer Networks II Roy
TK7800-7882 Electronics 0  
TK7874 Microelectronics. Integrated Circuits 0  
TK7885-7895 Computer Engineering 0  
TL Motor Vehicles. Bicycles. Aeronautics. Space Flight 0  
TN Mining Engineering. Metallurgy 0  
TP Chemical Technology 0  
TR1-1045 Photography I Shirley
TS Manufactures 0  
TS156 Computer Aided Design I Roy
TT1-999 Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts I Shirley
TX Home Economics. Foods and Nutrition 0  
U Military Science I Roy
V Naval Science I Roy
Z Bibliography. Library Science    
Z4-8 History of Books and Book making I Anne
Z40-115 Writing. Calligraphy. Cryptology. I Anne
  Paleography 0  
Z278-550 Bookselling. Publishing I Camila
Z551-656 Copyright I Anne
Z657-659 Freedom of the Press. Censorship II Anne
Z662-1000 Libraries. Library Science III Camila
Z1201-5000 Nat'l Bibliography 0  
Z5051-7999 Subject Bibliography II Anne