Front View

Eternal Dual – an iridescent #6312 (left)

Bouquet #4 – an iridescent #635 (right)

Tibor Freund, American Artist. Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1910

Left View

Right View

Freund’s technique was to paint a design on metal or wood scored vertically every few fractions-of-an-inch. He then painted strips of metal in a similar motive, or with alternating view of the same scene on either side of the metal. The strips were then fitted into groves for Op effects, as the eye moves from side to side. The level of vision slightly changing causes a moving, fluctuating sensation.
- from Art News, May 1965, p.19

These painting hung in the reference area March - July 2005, on loan courtesy of
Britta Franz of Salem, former Smith Fine Arts Director


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