Calvan Jones
"Jane is a Groupee"

mixed media, date unknown

Anonymous gift to the Hamersly Library, August 2000.

Located in the Crawford Classroom, 107

Jones, Calvan

In a statement from the artist, he writes,


This drawing deals with the time in my life when I was romantically involved with two women. The upper left panel shows one woman the upper center panel depicts me with the other woman (who I eventually married).

The woman in the first panel is walking through the city her body continues down to the lower left panel. Over her shoulder arcs a rainbow which ends at my head showing that I chose the woman in the center panel with whom I am talking. The upper right section of the drawing has a spiritual “red head” singing a line from one of my favorite songs by Sly and the Family Stone called, “Jane is a Groupee”. The blackbirds are steppin’ to the beat.

Go down left center and I wanted to create the feel of walking down a city street in that panel. To the right of that the “chosen woman” and I reappear caressing and clothed in wild colors. The beginning of an exciting relationship!

The bottom third of the drawing is a multidimensional reflection/ depiction of a street corner in North Philadelphia, the place where I grew up, and at the time of the drawing where I revisited. There is a street I used to live on as a child named “Dauphin Street”. There is also a Jazz tune titled “Green Dolphin Street”. I took the liberty to use that name. It sounds more poetic. Finally, the head of my soon-to-be wife (with the sign pole) acts as an exclamation point of sorts for the story of the drawing.


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