May Day Court 1935Court, 2011

Lena Keen, May Day Queen 1922Keen, 2011

Laura TaylorTaylor, 2011

May Day at Oregon Normal school has a history as far back as 1903. The institution of the May Day trophy began on May Day, 1912. President Ackerman presented a silver cup to be known as the President's Cup to the class wearing the prettiest and most original costume. The class thWalls, 2011at won was permitted to keep the cup for one year and when a class succeeded in winning the cup three consecutive years it became their property. Each class was encouraged to choose an original theme and Horses, 2011compete for the trophy with an original dance. Points were awarded for the originality and perfection of the Maypole dances. From 1929-1935 the names of the winning class were inscribed on a May Day plaque.

May Day 1922, began with a program, presented by the Junior Class, in the nature of a vaudeville show. The Monmouth Herald notes that the program consisted of a series of clever imitations of the faculty which put everyone in the proper spirit to enjoy the other feautures of the program. On Saturday evening, the Seniors hosted a dance party, in honor of the Junior Class, to close the festivities.

The large brass bowl, displayed in the case was awarded to Exhibit, 2011 the Junior Class of 1922 for their successes at the contests and for their pageant, "Springtime down the Ages," written by Miss Laura Taylor who was responsible for the majority of the May Day planning.

President's May Day Trophy
and Plaque

Trophy, 2011

May Day trophy from 1922 won by the Junior Class

May Day trophy from 1921 won by the Senior Class (not displayed)



May Day Plaque

"A record of the victorious classes competing in the events of spring festivals on the Oregon Normal School campus"