This exhibit covered the lives and work of two graphic designers, Stefan Sagmeister and David Carson.

The term graphic design refers to images and text. But in today’s constantly deviating society, ideologies of graphic design are broadening, transforming, exchanging, and rearranging. As technology continues an expanding global contact, we have a copious amount of tools and resources at our will. Shifting terminologies attempt to define what we once all assumed was graphic design, but can now be labeled visual communication, communication design, web design, graphic arts or one of various other definitions. To define each discipline of design is to sum up each as utilizing the computer and other tactile tools to communicate a message to a client and/or audience. Each discipline may take on the purpose of another, sharing similar processes and producing similar results, hence the current dilemma of definitive labeling. The fine line between the definition of each discipline is vague, yet definable. Fundamental elements, such as composition, asymmetrical balance, and color theory remain constant for all disciplines.

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