Sportsmanship Scores

Sometimes what happens on the field speaks to the beauty of athletics. On a Saturday in April 2008, during a college softball game between Central Washington and Western Oregon, one such moment came in the Form of a home run that no one in attendance would forget.

On April 26, 2008 a remarkable thing happened in sport history. Western Oregon University very own Sara Tucholsky hit her first home run ever, and while watching her ball soar over the fence she missed first base. Abruptly turning around to tag first base an unfortunate event happened, her ACL tore making it impossible for her to make it around the diamond. If any of her team members touched her she would be out. And if they were to replace her with another team member, her home run would not count. Lucky for Tucholsky, Central Washington's first baseman Mallory Holtman did something never heard of before. She knew that Tucholsky deserved a home run and there is nothing in the rule book that precluded help from the opposition. So Holtman and junior shortstop Liz Wallace proceeded to pick Tucholsky up and carry her around the diamond stopping at each base so Tucholsky could touch, giving her her first home run. In an interview to Brian Meehan of the Oregonian, Holtman says "In the end it is not about winning and losing so much, it was about this girl. She hit it over the fence and was in pain and she deserved a home run..."

You can read more about these remarkable girls on the 1st Floor exhibit.

*On July 16th these girls were awarded an ESPY for Best Sports Moment of 2008!*

Location: 1st Floor showcase
Curator: Marissa Clausen

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