Senior Art Exhibit

Work by Sadie Heintz

I am an artist with a message. As an artist who has experienced hearing loss, my work focuses on the awareness and perception of individuals who have disabilities. As someone who is hard of hearing, I use my art work to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions about coping with a disability. Through the use of various mediums and techniques, such as printmaking and sculpture, I build pieces that hold significant meaning to me as well as others. Using techniques such as screen printing, etching, and image-on plates I use multiple layers of color and ink to create an aesthic display that appeals to the eye as well as the hear – my sculptures hold the same intentions.

I have crafted pieces that are made from stone and wire that display varying relationships between the hearing, hard of hearing and the deaf communities. I try to relate to audiences how I feel about living with a disability. I am committed to educating the public and advocating for others with disabilities. My work shares intimate details of my experiences, both the positive and negative and how I have adapted to life with a disability.


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