Senior Art Exhibit

Work by Joshann Schoen-Clark
As a child, I grew up using the computer because my father is an IT specialist. I found that over time I was drawn to creating on the computer. With so much support from my family I continued a fascinating trek that led me to graphic design.

My mother gave me an opportunity to work for her non-profit company as their graphic designer. Once they had one they realized how much they needed a designer, and then developed things for me to do.

These experiences have led me to understand the need for graphic designers. The work that I do has been so helpful for getting the word out about what this non-profit does; the same is true for any concept that would need to be understood or learned about. That thought made me understand the power of a message, especially when it is clearly transmitted and received.

I feel that understanding the problem in front of me is key. Whether it be researching the topic, or taking some key phrases and running with them, the process leads me to understand the content in front of them. Other than that, my art is intuitive; I have a great sense of space and layout and do most of my art on the computer.

Everyday, every problem is a brand new experience.


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