Work by Jacob Severson

I chose my subject matter by what is important to me at any given point in time, whether it is any feeling from joy to pain, or any a new topic that I am curious about or even an old topic that I want to revisit. The one connecting point is that they were all important to me at one point in time.

My concepts behind all of my work is the same, try to let any and everyone know how I feel about a topic, I will take a topic and show one or more sides of it just so that it will be out in the open and spark conversation.

Although most of my work is done through observation I find that it is still very intuitive because of the changes I make to push the limits of reality.

I usually create my work where ever I have a place to do so. I don’t have a studio yet so I have to make due with everyone else’s space.

Most of my work is done in multi medium, either charcoal and graphite or wood and metal, whatever my work needs to be complete.

I have always had the style of doing what I want when I want when it comes to art, but I feel that is the way things are supposed to be when someone is trying to explain themselves or pass a message.

I have learned a lot from this work, I know that my next series will not look anything like this because I am always looking for new ways to create art. I want to explore all options before deciding on one.


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