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Work by Christian Rogers

My name is Christian, and I am a young artist working toward my bachelors of fine art in studio arts. My work is a reflection of what I am learning, what I have learned, what I am questioning, and explore. And these reflections manifest in the form of collage, design, sculpture, and installation.

In the past I have made connections between urban and rural environments and materials by printing organic patterns using mechanical means of printing. Through subjecting organic objects to a mass production printing treatment, I have learned that “natural” is a relevant term dependent on ones “natural” surroundings. Lately my work has shifted to a focus of self-identity, self-fulfilling prophecies, and my own need/want to fit in/reject what I am/suppose to be. Through this, specifically address the viewers and my own assumptions of stereotypes through altered found objects and imagery. I also call into question a person’s desire and wants as well as my own through the form of collage. Collage is a medium that allows me to work fast and intuitively. It also allows me to communicate complex ideas easily through the appreciation of iconography.

Through out all of my work, there is an overarching them of juxtaposition. Between viewer and object, myself and society, fact and fiction, and want and need. Within all the different media I work with, my goal is to offer a visual and conceptual link. I am linking the visual and the verbal, the conceptual and the material, the object and the site, the viewer and their history, and between fact and fiction.

My plans are to continue my education in studio arts, seeking a BFA degree. During this next year I will begin proposing more of my own questions, and generating works based around my own identity relative to American society. I will be creating a body of work that engages the viewer on a visual and social level making my experiences relevant to them.

As a young artist, willing and curious, being lost in my own work is one of the best feelings, and I am happy. My name is Christian Rogers.


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