A Visit From St. Nicholas
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"It all started innocently enough... as most addictions do. While Christmas shopping in 1973, I saw a copy of Clement Clarke Moore's The Night Before Christmas and bought it, feeling very remiss that I had not yet introduced it to my preschool children. So started a new Christmas Eve tradition at our house as I began to purchase a new and different version to read each year.

But a problem arose. Eventually it was clear that there were always several copies to choose from at the bookstores each year. The solution? Buy two... buy three... heck, buy them all! So started "the little collection that grew" as my children saw their mother become more and more and "Moore" addicted to acquiring every available edition of the classic, new and used. Moore Mania had struck me hard!"

Catherine Rooth from the article "Moore Mania"

Now, more than 25 years later, Catherine Rooth's collection has exceeded 170 individual editions and every Christmas she looks for new editions to add to her collection.

Within the exhibit, there are three full cases featuring famous illustrators who have depicted Clement Clarke Moore's famous poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas". The illustrators respresented are:

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LOCATION: 2nd Floor
Curator: Marissa Clausen


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