The Mourning Star Collection
June 23 – August 22, 2008

Shiloh minature paintings

The Association of Miniature Artists traces the heritage of miniature art back to the illustrated manuscripts of scribes in the Far East and Europe prior to the 15th century. The resurgence in popularity in miniature art started in 1896 in England and has currently expanded worldwide.

Shiloh minature paintings

The Association continues to describe contemporary miniature painting as using highly skilled and painstaking techniques in which the artwork should hold up well under magnification. It should draw the viewer’s eye deeper and deeper into itself with amazement at the gemlike details of the tiny treasure.

~Association of Miniature Artists [AMA]

Shiloh minature paintings
Shiloh is a self taught Oregon Artist with well established family roots to the Eugene area. His paintings range from 6” down to ½” square compositions, each with great detail.


This exhibit is comprised of selected paintings with a reminiscence of Oregon. All were painted in the open air on a trip across the United States in honor of the artist’s mother and late wife.

Shiloh minature paintings

View of the Gallery on the First Floor


Shiloh minature paintings

All works are for sale.
See Jerrie Lee Parpart
(503-838-8419) for pricing.

Location: 1st floor lobby
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart, WOU Exhibits Coordinator

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