Fall 2008 2D Art Class

"Using the concept of a map, chart an important aspect of your life.This map or chart can tell us about place, about you, about your reaction to a journey, about time, or about a sequence. Refer to maps and other depictions of physical space to get you started, but keep in mind that what you charting is your unique view. Feel free to stray from the literal."

Kattie Probst: Family History
2008 paper collage,
thread (11” wide, 60” tall)

Christian Rogers: Nov. 4, The Passing of Prop. 8
2008 serigraph (16” wide, 20” tall)

Nathan Reese: World Glow
2008 paint, marker (11” wide, 60” tall)

Sara Schultz: Jumpy Horse, Puberty, Main Street, Nana, Today 2008 wood, paint (approx 12” tall)
Joshann Schoen-Clark: #
2008 ink on paper, computer generated (60” wide, 11” tall)
  William Madden – The Gamier Side of Life
2008 paper collage (accordion 11” tall, 60” fully extended)

Jin Chen – Limit is Nothing
2008 paper collage (30” or less X 18)


Location: 3rd floor lobby
Curator: Diane Tarter, Art Professor

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