Memories of the
Good Friday Earthquake

October 12 - December 7, 2007


On March 27, 1964 at 5:36 PM the Earth shook and buildings collapsed as a 9.2 magnitude earthquake struck Prince William Sound, south of Anchorage, Alaska. Buildings collapsed and the ground split open. The earth seemed to liquefy. My family, spread throughout Anchorage, shared the same terror. The following weeks brought a state of disaster. Damage control was in full swing as fires were put out, electricity was restored, and families tried to contact each other. My great aunt and uncle, Ede and Dewey Erickson, in the heart of the turmoil, followed the stories of many other families in the newspapers. Over 40 years passed before my great aunt Ede passed along many of the memories to me. These newspapers not only depict the tragedy of the massive earthquake that struck that Good Friday, but are a personal account of what my family endured, preserved in the notes and observations that further explain the events.

Life Magazine color edition
Life magazine captures the collapse of a road in downtown Anchorage.


Turnagain Residence of Dr. Asa Martin Clings to Brink of Slide Area -

"He was at Council last night pleading for Government Aid immediately for the City. He reiterated:

An explaination and re-created newspaper.

I can build another house but how can we rebuild our whole business district? All the streets downtown, sewer lines, power lines, etc."

Fine Turnagain Homes Slide Toward Inlet

"Some homes were in real good shape after a fall like these. It's just amazing. I saw even a green house nearest the water it didn't show that any glass was broken. A lady told us not a window was broken in her house & her 2 cars were still sitting in the driveway unharmed."

Gov. Egan's House On Left Faces Valdez Street of Destruction
"This is the town where Rudy Anderson's sister-in-law lives. -- Trying to hear of them."
Fine Turnagain Homes Slide Toward Inlet
Gov. Egan's House On Left Faces
Valdez Street of Destruction

Shakes Left Anchorage Twisted Town

" 4th Ave looking east from D Street."


"Isn't this something?"

Shakes Left Anchorage Twisted Town
Senators Gruening, Bartlett Briefed By McDermott


Senators Gruening, Bartlett
Briefed By McDermott



Survivors Look Back
At Hillside Apts.



Survivors Look Back At HIllside Apts.

"We live at about 18th Ave
on Lake Otis about 2400
H St. is 700 - so we're 17 blocks east and 2 blocks
south of this picture."


LOCATION: 2nd floor galleries
Curator: Kristin M. Johnson

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