An Exhibition of Graphic Design and Printmaking Work

Kate Bappe's Senior Portfolio

Kate Bappe Postcard

June-September, 2008

About the Artist:

Kate Bappe was born in a small coastal town in Oregon. She is in her 4th year at Western and plans on graduating in the fall with a major in Art focusing in Graphic Design and Printmaking. After school she plans on working in the Graphic Design field. Her art is inspired by high contrast, tension and travel. She thanks you for viewing her show.

2007 Acrylic 48 X 36

Cast #6
"Cast #6" 2008 Acrylic 48 X 36


Marco Polo
"Marco Polo" 2005 Lino Cut 20 X 30

Native Robot
"Native Robot" 2006 Wood Cut 24 x 13


Shirt Paper
"Shirt Paper" 2005 Screen Print 8 x 11.5


The Bond Age
"The Bond Age" 2006 Screen Print 6 x 13

Wall 1

Left: "Flank Ads" 2007 Ink Jet Print 6 x 18

Center: "Flank Blades Sign" 2007 Ink Jet Print 13.5 x 8.75

Right: "Untilled" 2007 Etching 6 x 8


Wall 3

Left: "Student Show Card" 2008 Ink Jet Print 6 x 4.25

Right: "Designed Wine" 2008 Mixed Media

Wall 2

Left: "Switchblades and Alleys pages 38-39" 2007 Ink Jet Print

Center Left: "Switchblades and Alleys pages 40-41" 2007 Ink Jet Print

Center Right: "Switchblades and Alleys pages" 2007 Ink Jet Print

Right: "Switchblades and Alleys pages 50-51" 2007 Ink Jet Print

Location: 3rd Floor Gallery
Curator: Kate Bappe

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