Outdoor Sculptures on Campus

July-September 2006


Each sculpture brings to campus a different expression of the times and transformations that WOU has undergone throughout the years. As a celebration of Western’s Oregon University’s 150 years, this look at the sculptures on campus, reflects the changes and attitudes of its faculty, staff, and students, which have over time sparked intrigue as well as discourse over some of the designs around campus.

This exhibit is meant to connect the many features across campus, bringing to mind how every detail at WOU enhances the experiences students, faculty, administrators, as well as bystanders gain from the physical elements that make Western Oregon University a unique place.

Campus Map and Sculpture Locations

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Select the sculpture images below to view the actual exhibit pieces on display.

Voyage to Excellence

James T. Russell

“Voyage to Excellence”

Installed in: The year 1999.
Location: In front of the Werner University Center.

Iberian Venus

Manuel Izquierdo

“Iberian Venus”

Installed in: September 1975, dedication ceremony October 1976

Location: New Grove, near the New Physical Education Building.


Jan Zach


Installed in: June 10th, 1986
Location: In front of the Natural Sciences Building

Oregon Rivers

Tomas Rudd

“Oregon Rivers”

Installed in: June 1996; Dedicated on Wednesday, June 12, 1996.
Location: The lawn in front of Rice Auditorium.


Will Drury


Installed in: Winter 2005.
Location: Behind Campbell Hall.

Three Elements

Michihiro Kosuge

“Three Elements”

Installed in: September 2000
Location: West entrance to Hamersly Library.

Twin Cones

Jonathan Bonner

“Twin Cones”

Installed in: October 1989
Location: The Heritage Hall dormitory on the west side of building’s main entrance.


Charles Smith


Installed in: March of 1981, dedication ceremony.
Location: In front of the Academic Programs and Support building.

LOCATION: 3rd floor gallery
Curator: Ashley I. Zentz

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