Western Oregon University Timeline

Celebrating 150 years

Janurary - Februrary - March - April 2006

View Western Oregon University's history through this online text in printable format, as well as through this exhibit site.

Western Oregon University, celebrating 150 years, has made monumental history as the oldest public university in Oregon.

Founded in 1856 by the Disciples of Christ, Monmouth University was patterned after Bethany College in West Virginia. At the time, Monmouth University shared its location with the First Christian Church of Monmouth.

This timeline and other artifacts were also on display at the Oregon State Capitol.

Keep your eyes open for many other features and exhibits located throughout the year on Western Oregon University's campus!

View some of the other Sesquicentennial exhibits featured at Hamersly Library online:

Campus Life

Textures of Campus

A Quick Sketch of Campus


view from reference desk


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timeline in central lobby

The exhibit text panels were taken from an exhibit done at the State Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon in celebration of Western's Sequicentennial.


view from west entrance

LOCATION: 1st Floor Lobby
Curators: Jackson Stalley, Camila Gabaldon and Jerrie Lee Parpart


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