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Campus Life Artifacts

Campus Life Artifacts

As a part of Western Oregon University's Sesquicentennial celebration, the Hamersly Library Archives displayed some of its collection of artifacts dealing with campus life.


WOU Cheer Cone-1990s Western Oregon University Cheer Cone, ca 1990s
Student Art Show Announcement-1970s Student Art Show Announcement, late 1970s - Patterned as a play on Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup painting.

Oregon Normal School Song Book-1926
Oregon Normal School Song Book
, Songs of O.N.S - 1926

Freshman Beanie
Freshman Beanie, date unknown -

All freshman were required to wear the Freshman Beanie at all times except during class or convocation
Oregon Normal School Basketball team photograph-1907
Oregon Normal School Basketball team photograph,
Dance Cards-1924
Dance cards were commonly used to keep track of dance partners at a cotillion. This example comes from the memory book of Marguerite Loritz, 1924.
Oregon College of Education Band Uniform - 1968-1983
Oregon College of Education Band Uniform, 1968 - 1983.

Trophy/Award Case Recognition of achievements is a long standing tradition at Western Oregon University. Here is a sample of trophies from various awards for campus life events


Panels - From the past to the current present...


Past and Present Campus Life: In the Classroom
Past and Present: Campus Life

Teaching in the classroom


Say! Do you remember....?
A poem printed in the 1920 yearbook


Past and Present: Campus Life-Social Events
Past and Present: Campus Life-Sports
Social Events


Location: First Floor Lobby Area

Curators: Jerrie Lee Parpart, Carol Tripp, and Bryan Miyagishima

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