Textures of Campus
September - December 2005

Every campus has a number of architectural features, memorials, or class gifts which often go unnoticed though they may be seen regularly.

Within this exhibit we invite you to take a look at a few of the WOU campus details which are mostly overlooked or hidden in parts of the campus you may not often visit. The textures of a campus, much like the textures of our clothing bring richness to our world we experience on an unconscious level. As you walk through campus this year, we challenge you to take notice of a few extra textures.

Time Capsule on the ITC Building

ITC Time Capsule Location

The cornerstone on the Information Technology Center is located on the Southwest corner of the building. It is scheduled to be opened in 2015 when the building celebrates itís centennial.

ITC Time Capsule


These textures reveal the historical quest for academic excellence at Western Oregon University. For more information on the many historical elements at Western, contact Camila Gabaldon of university archives.

LOCATION: 3rd floor gallery
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart

A special acknowledgement goes to Michele Burke, Library Staff Member for the initial idea for the exhibit and for providing the rubbings.

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