Western Oregon University Oral History Project
January - March 2006

WOU Oral History Project Exhibit

Oral History Project

The history of Western Oregon University cannot be captured in text and physical artifact alone. The oral stories that tell of a time past-stories that come about through conversation contribute to the thread that weaves WOU together.

This exhibit represents a small sampling of interviews carried out by the education 312: teachers, schools, and society class. Each student interviewed one or two Western Oregon University graduates who attended this institution. Even though the name of the university has changed a number of times throughout its 150-year history, one thing remains the same. Teachers and graduates of this institution continue to speak highly of their experience here.


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Margret Gentle Hall Carolyne Gentle Margret Gentle Hall Introduction



Oral Histories Mary Wilson article Ashley Wilson article Judy Miller article Ruth Beach article
Oral Histories Delores LaFontain article Scot Mcdonald article Scott Mcleod article Dr. Del Schlaock article Dorothy Livingston article
Oral Histories Allen Warren article Dr. Unruh article Scot McDonald article article Mr. Bowman article Rita Montgomery article

Location: 3rd Floor East Gallery
Curators: College of Education Students in Ed 312: Schools and Society - Fall 2005 -
Under the direction of: Dr. Dana Uveland and Dr. Mary Bucy

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