Senior Art Exhibit

Daniel Hambly Collage

Artist's Bio
I was Born in England and had an interest in art, particularly drawing, from an early age. After leaving school, I did not pursue art professionally or in higher education, but concentrated on making music as a creative outlet. Four years ago I left England to be with my wife in Oregon, and began to study as an Art major at WOU.

Studying art as a non-traditional student has given me a more open minded approach towards making abstract and non-representational art. My attitude now contrasts with my original view that good art was only about copying the physical world, and making works as 'true to life' as possible. I now find it easier to make an artwork, especially sculpture, 'mine' by using sketching itself as a source of inspiration.

Hambly-Diversity Poster Hambly-Essay Poster  

Diversity Poster

Essay Poster  

Hambly-Tourism Brochure

Tourism Brochure


Hambly-Enclosed Space
Stone 2 Symbol  


Hambly-Graphics Case
Tactile Graphics Case
Hambly-Stone 2
  Enclosed Space  

Eric Parks Collage

Parks-Poker Trio
Poker Trio
Parks-Dejambe Trio
Parks-Newport #1
Parks-Dejembe Trio

LOCATION: 3rd floor gallery
Curators: Daniel Hambley & Eric Parks

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