Spring 2006

Artifacts from the University Archives

Hamersely Library
3rd Floor Exhibit

Music has long been a central part of the WOU University campus.

School Mascot Head, Waldo Wolf, used around the 1970s. In 1952, the associated student body passed an amendment to the bylaws to name the school mascot Waldo Wolf. The current Waldo Wolf mascot was instated in 1994.

~On loan from the University Archives Collection.

1970s-School Mascot Waldo Wolf Head

1980s-School Mascot Head


School Mascot Head, Waldo Wolf, possibly used in the 1980s.

~On loan from the
University Archives Collection

The class gift of 1904 was a maple tree that was planted behind Campbell Hall. This Marble Plaque was added later, and over the years the tree grew around the plaque and was forgotten. In the 1980's when the tree became diseased and needed to be removed, the plaque was found and donated to the archives.

~On loan from the
University Archives Collection

1904 maple tree gift plaque

1915 Campus Elementary School Fire Alarm
The orginal Fire Alarm is from the Campus Elementary School built in 1915. It was removed during a renovation in 1987.
The Hammer was found in a chimey of Campbell Hall during a renvation in the 1990's. It is fun to that it could have been left th ere by Stewart Lews, one of the masons who built Campbell Hall in 1871.
~On loan from the University Archive Collection

The Staff and Key Club was a women's student organization on campus from the 1920s through the 1950s. The 1948-50 student handbooks describe the club as a service organization that is only compused of girls outside in friendliness, leadership and loyalty. The purpose of this organization is to help uphold the traditions of the school. Staff and key cooperates with the students and the faculty and tries to raise the standards of the school. A grade-point average of 2.5 is necessary for membership. Staff and Key strives for promote school activities, and the members are active participants in all school affairs. Besides ushering at school functions, Staff and Key yearly sponsors the All-American Formal which is given fall term. Membership is by invitation only. Staff and Key Club was first organized in 1927.

Staff and Key Club plaque and logos
~On Loan from the
University Archives Collection

Myra Jolma's rally uniform and Ron Jolman's letterman sweater

This rally uniform belonged to Myra (Small) Jolma from the class of 1961. The letterman's sweater belonged to Ron Jolman also from the class of 1961. He lettered in football (4 years), golf (2 years), basketball (1 year) and baseball (1 year). He coached JV basketball in his senior year. Also fo interest: Ron fought in a "smoker" in 1958 or 1959 in the boxing ring that was in Maple Hall.

~Gift from Ron & Myra Jolma to the University Archives Collection.

Myra Jolma

Location: 3rd Floor Lobby
Curators: Jackson Staley and Jerrie Lee Parpart

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