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Celebrate the Year of Color

September 26 - December 10, 2004

Color Vocabulary

Color in Business

Color and Energy Matters

Standardizing Color

Color in Health

Color in Healing: Chakras

Color in Buddhist Art

Color in Christianity

Color in Hinduism

Color in Politics

Personal Side of Color Preferences




Year of Color Fabric Hanging in Lobby

Why a Year of Color?

“The Year of Color” is a year-long project that investigates the many definitions of color through learning, activities, and exhibits. The goal is to bring a new perspective to students and faculty about the concept of color in specific and broad areas of study.

What is color? -- color, hue, pigment, value, light -- and much, much more…

Color is used to describe many aspects of our daily life from “feeling blue” to “seeing red.”

- Color in nature surrounds us in flora and fauna, but what is the significance of color in nature?
- How has the use of color in advertising changed the course of business in the last few decades?
- How is color perceived in other disciplines like psychology, criminology, anthropology, sociology, or music?

Color panelsAre you thinking in color yet?

- What about the lack of color – black, white, and grey?
- What does someone see if they are color blind?
- What does it mean to use colorful language?
- What is Colored Hat group communication?


Some of these questions are briefly presented in this exhibit. However, this exhibit is only a beginning. There are infinite more applications and connections of color to the world around us.

Color Wheel
We are inviting the campus community to join us in investigating how color relates to various disciplines. Here is our challenge to you: start thinking about and using color in your teaching and learning.

- What are the colors that surround you?
- What does color mean in your discipline?
- If you are teaching, add color to a lecture.

- If you are learning, see if color can be part of the lesson.
- How often do you hear a color used in the media to describe an event or situation?
- How does color effect your daily life?


Color Corner Color Exhibit


Working Bibilography of Color

LOCATION: 2nd floor gallery
Jerrie Lee Parpart, Curator
Jennifer Hegdal and Ruth Weston, Student Curators

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