The Color of Round

January 21 - March 9, 2005

Paper Spheres Hang in Lobby

Small Flowered Sphere
Elaborately Colored Sphere
Wild Sphere

An invitation was extended to the Western and local communities to create a 3-dimensional hanging starting with a plain white paper sphere. The only criteria was that works would be suspended and could not weigh more than 10 pounds.

The exhibit includes 22 spheres on dispaly in the 1st floor main lobby.

Diane Tarter used the invitation as a lesson for her Art 421 Applied Design II class.

Color of Round Exhibit

Red and Gold Sphere

Participation List

Color of Round Exhibit Hangs
Colored Sphere
Fruit Sphere

Dawn Sheirbon - Peace installation: Russian

Andy Pothakis - Peace installation: Spanish

Justin Jacobs - Peace installation: Phoenician

Will Drury - Peace installation: English

Karla Van Raden - Peace installation: German

Laura Dunn - Peace installation: Japanese

Omar Arguelles - Peace installation: Arabic

Emily Gober - Untitled

Lynn Higgins - Tie-dyed Planet

Josie Gribskov - Around Oregon

Melanie Ball - Untitled

Robert B Clark - The color of creative conspiracies

Cheryl Gaston - Solid Gold

Jerrie Lee Parpart - Pysanky

Jessica Bonar - Flights of Midnight Wisdom

Angie Cina - Untitled

Ellie Wallase - Bling

Chrystal Freer - Abby’s House Sphere

Heidi Kimberling - Untitled

Melissa Murphy-Terry -

Michele Burke - Reclining Nude

Collection Management - Untitled

LOCATION: 1st floor main lobby
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart

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