Against the Rain
February 1 - March 5, 2004

Umbrellas Hang in Lobby

Umbrella 1
Umbrella 2

An invitation was extended to the Western and local communities to create a 3-dimensional hanging starting with a plain white umbrella. The only criteria was that works would be suspended and could not weigh more than 10 pounds.

The exhibit includes 27 participants and 29 umbrellas on dispaly in the 1st floor main lobby.

Susan Kristofferson used the invitation as a lesson for her beginning design class. The students' assignment was to use line and shape in black and white.



Umbrella 3 Umbrella 4 Umbrella 5
Umbrella 6 Participant List Umbrella 7
Heidi Kimberling
Heidi Kimberling
Susan Kristofferson
Gerry Blakney
Roberta McMahan
Deborah Strange
Regina Vandehey
Gerry Blakeny
Diane Tartar
Aimee Rose Claiborne
Joe Yancey
Leta Edwards
Robert Clark
Jessica Veal-Roberts
Shelly Pagel
Rebecca McCannell
Fawn Perry
Lynna Dias
Ellie Wallace
Andrea T. Nordin
Jill Fisher
Silvia Ramirez
Mark Craig
Janet Costello
Steve Collins
W Terry Hainsworth
Piper Mueller-Warrant
David Jeschke
Ronnie White
  A Shower of Sunshine”
“Hana” – Japanese for flower
“Music in the Rain”
“The Web”
“Protecting the Soft Underbelly”
“Pennies from Heaven”
“Mixed Drink”
“Raining Hot Rods”
“memento mori parasol”
“Starry Storm”
“Checker Board”
“EAC” Ease Australian Current
“Oregon Rain”
“Day Time Meets Night Time”
“Meaning of Life”
“The Secret Garden”
“Kanji Names & Zodiac”
“There will some soft rains”

LOCATION: 1st floor main lobby
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart

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