Northwest Print Council
Founders' Portfolio

April 15 - May 28, 2003

The Founders’ Portfolio
presented by
The Northwest Print Council

The Northwest Print Council is a nonprofit organization of professional printmakers, dedicated to promoting the artistry and appreciation of original prints. Founded in 1981, the Northwest Print Council includes the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

This portfolio of original prints is a project executed by the founding members of the Northwest Print Council, or by the estates of founding members who are deceased, as noted on the dedication page.

The typesetting and printing of the Title, Colophon, and Dedication pages were executed by Linda and Daniel Pinkham at Pinkham Press. The portfolio design and construction were by Sandy Tilcock at Lone Goose Press. Production coordinators for the Founder’ Portfolio were Lyle Matoush and Barbara Davis.

Of an edition of fifty, this is print portfolio number 32.


Glen Alps  

Glen Alps
Sun Valley Sun

Pat Austin   Pat Austin
History of Perspective IV: Certainty (after Filippo Lippi 15 C.)
hand colored etching
Don Bunse   Don Bunse
Lee Chesney   Lee Chesney
Angels Danced at the Ritz
Robert Evermon   Robert Evermon
My Broken Heart

Gordon Gilkey   Gordon Gilkey
A Wink and a Dimpled Double Chin
Jim Hibbard   Jim Hibbard
Three Leaves
Jo Hockenhull   Jo Hockenhull
The Shell Game
Manuel Izquierdo   Manual Izquierdo
Boy with Bird
George Johanson   George Johanson
Two Eves
hand colored etching
Liza Jones   Liza Jones
Laverne Krause   Laverne Krause
Martin Luther King
Lyle Matoush   Lyle Matoush
James Mattingly   James Mattingly
Print 84
color etching
Jack McLarty   Jack McLarty
Gordon and Vivian
Fran Noel   Fran Noel
Flying Fishy Rumors
John Rock   John Rock
Black Lace Dress
Dan Smith and David Haidel (founders) were unable to participate in this project.


The Founder’ Portfolio is dedicated to the memory of
our fondly remembered printmaker friends

Glen Alps Laverne Krause
Don Bunse John Rock

We are grateful to the estates of Glen Alps, Don Bunse, Laverne Krause, and John Rock
For their permission to restrike images left in their care

A restrike is a print that has been pulled at a later date from the original image (matrix)
created by an artist. Most often this is done posthumously, as in the case
of those we wish to memorialize.

Acknowledgements of the printers who assisted in producing the restrike prints are

Glen Alps’ etching, printed by Joe Fedderson and Barbara R. Brunch, with Robert Graves and Iris Nicholas as facilitators;

Don Bunse’s etching, printed by John Saling and Margaret van Patten;

Laverne Krause’s aquatint, printed by Liza Jones; and

John Rock’s etching, printed by Jon Jay Cruson and Jani Hobert.

Prints produced in collaboration for the artists by professional printers are

Lee Chesney’s etching, printed by Pinkham Press, and

Jack McLarty’s woodcut, printed by Pinkham Press.


LOCATION: 3rd floor Galleries
Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart

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