April 5 - June 14, 2002

A Project of Hope 
Volunteers Partnering in Health between
Oregon University
and the Ukrainian People

The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the belief that US healthcare providers can make important practical contributions to their colleagues' effort to reform healthcare delivery elsewhere in the world.  AIHA's mission is to advance global health through volunteer driven partnerships.  Particular emphasis is placed on economically viable, low-technology solutions that improve productivity and care.

Corvallis Sister City Association * Oregon Health and Sciences University * Corvallis Family Medicine * Western Oregon University * Benton County Health Department * 
Oregon State University Health Care Administration * Linn County Health Department * 
Philomath Family Medicine * Good Samaritan Hospital * Corvallis Clinic * Benton Hospice * 
Oregon Academy of Family Physicians

  Ukraine display    Ukraine display    Ukraine display 

Included in the exhibit: information on the partnership, photographs, original art work and traditional crafts providing a sample of the Ukrainian culture.

Ukraine art   Ukraine display

LOCATION: 2nd floor gallery
Curators: Kachina Via, Louise Muscato, and Bennie Tsuda


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