The African-American Mosaic
February 8 - March 22, 2002

The African-American Mosaic is one of ten traveling exhibits produced by the Library of Congress and SIRI in the 'The Library of Congress Corner' series.  In remembrance of African-American History Month, this exhibit contains 16 panels that draw attention to the main points in African American History.  

African-American Mosaic

Panels include:
1. The African-American Mosaic
2. Taken Out of Africa
3. Domestic Slavery, a ‘Peculiar
4. The Plantation System
5. The Longing for Freedom
6. The Word Gets Out
7. Fight for Freedom, 1861-1865
8. African Americans and
9. ‘Glory to God was Our Daily Cry’
10. Making Strides, Building Pride
11. A Renaissance in Harlem
12. African American in War & Peace
13. A ‘New Deal’ for All Americans
14. We Shall Overcome
15. African American and Popular Culture
16. An Ongoing Mosaic

LOCATION: 3rd floor Archives gallery
 Jerrie Lee Parpart

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