Peace Posters & Paintings Display
May 10 - May 24, 2001



Artists' Statement:

"Peace Week 2001 on the Western Oregon University campus is a time for provoking thought, as well as encouraging reflection.  Several of the classes in the art department participated in special projects that asked students to address issues of peace and violence in visual form.  Students started by choosing a quote relating to these issues, then created visual interpretations of the surrounding ideas.

Peace Posters

The graphics designers were asked to keep their imagery as non-linear as possible, and incorporate type in an interesting way.

Camille Adudelo Kara Copeland
Adudelo, Camille
Copeland, Kara

The painters created collages, some of which you see here.  The next step in the process was to create a painting based on the collage they had made.  Many of the paintings were still too wet to hang at the time of the event.  More will hang in the hallways of Campbell Hall as they are ready.

Kari Bush Kari Bush
Bush, Kari Bush, Kari

In both mediums issues of color, form, transparency and atmosphere were part of the assignment.  Layering images as metaphor is a dominant visual element in these works."
Cathy Lord Valerie Dunkin Masumi Asai
Lord, Cathy Dunkin, Valerie Asai, Masumi

Location: 3rd floor Galleries

Curator: Diane Tarter & Suellen Johnson

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