Deaf Awareness
May - 4 - 31, 2001

The month of May is Deaf Awareness Month.  The American Sign Language Club presents a variety of information celebrating Deaf Culture.  Four Drawings in conte, pastel & vine charcoal by Suellen Johnson, Assistant Professor, Creative Arts/Art dominate the exhibit.  The drawings portray persons communicating with their hands.  




Deaf Awareness Posters

A quilt from the Bachelor of Interpreting class of 2000 which presents one version of the ACB's of deaf culture.  
A video titled An Introduction to Deaf Culture, runs continuously and provides a brief overview of deafness, sign language and communications DOs and DON'Ts when encountering persons who use sign language.


Deaf TV

Several charts with finger alphabets from other countries demonstrate that sign language is not the same in other countries.  In addition, there are references to poetry and biographies of famous deaf Americans.  


LOCATION: 2nd floor Gallery
Curator: Rory Nackerud, American Sign Language Club.


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