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Exhibits in 2006-2007

The college educational experience is much more than knowledge gained it the classroom. This year the Hamersly Library exhibits feature examples of research, exploration, and activities which extend classroom lessons into life long learning.

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1st floor Main Lobby
and New Book Areas
2nd floor Gallery
3rd floor Galleries
Looking Through a 100 Year Lens, 2006
Looking Through a 100 Year Lens

Campus life 100 years ago
1st floor main lobby
July-September 1, 2006
Curator:Bryan Miyagishima

Censorship, 2006

in Schools & Libraries
2nd floor gallery
July-September 1, 2006
Curator:Bryan Miyagishima

Outdoor Sculptures, 2006
Outdoor Sculputres

How art shaped the campus
3rd floor gallery 
July 15-September 1, 2006
Curator: Ashley Zentz
On the Campaign Trail, 2006
On the Campaign Trail

Campaign memoribilia
1st floor lobby 
mid-September -December 2006
Curator: Carl Fisher, WOU Student
Explorations II, 2006
Explorations II
Works by John T. Casey, WOU Art Professor Emeritus
2nd floor gallery 
September -December 2006
Curator: John Casey
Antarctica, 2006
Seascapes and Science on the Ice
3rd floor galleries 
mid-September -December 2006
Curator: Dr. Karen Haberman, WOU Professor
Mother Bear Project, 2007
Mother Bear Project

providing comfort and hope to children of Africa
1st floor main lobby 
April - May 2007
Curators: Myk Rose and Dr. Bob Hautala, HPE
From Bop Apocalypse to Blitzkrieg Bop, 2007

From Bop Apocalypse to Blitzekrieg Bop:
the counterculture of the Beat and Punk Generations
2nd floor gallery 
January - March 2007
Curators: David Ensminger, Bryan Beck, and Sarah Speelman

Tie One On, 2007

Tie One On: the art of fly fishing
focusing on WOU fly makers
3rd floor galleries 
January - March 2007
Curators: Jackson Stalley, Camila Gabaldon, Bryan Miyagishima, and Jerrie Lee Parpart

Faculty / Staff SHOWCASE
1st floor Main Lobby

September 2006 - March 2007
Sean Huston & Maren Bradley-Anderson

April -June 2007
Dr. Solveig Holmquist

July - August 2007
Mario & Alma Pastega Awards
Alice Sprague, Dean Braa, and Gavin Keulks

From "Idiots" to Self Advocates, 2007
From "Idiots" to Self Advocates:
the changing perspectives of intellectual disability
2nd floor gallery 
April - June 2007
Curators: Bryan Miyagishima and Dr. Hank Bersani, WOU Professor

Hush Hush, 2007
Hush Hush: Images of Sex, Bodies & Rock'n'Roll
Body art in the Beat & Punk countercultures
3rd floor galleries 
March - May 2007
Curator: David Ensminger


Connecting to Community, 2007
Connecting to Community:
Alternative Breaks and Student Advocates
3rd floor galleries 
April - May 2007
Curators: Jennifer Hansen, Jessica Henderson and the participating students

Celebration of Excellence 2, 2007
Celebration of Excellence-2
Honoring WOUs dedicated Adjunct Faculty
3rd floor gallery 
April - May 2007
Curator: Dr. Niki Young, Dir. Center for Teaching and Learning


PCAS: Overdue, 2007
Professional Concerns Art Students: OVERDUE
Senior art students present their work
3rd floor galleries 
early June 2007
Curators: Ellie Toombs and Molly Druliner


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