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Exhibits in Hamersly Library -- WOU Libary & Media Services


150 Years of Presidents, 2007150 years of Presidents (Kristin Johnson) 2007

1936 Olympics, 2004 1936 Olympics: Olympic Dreams in Berlin, Germany (Heath Wellman) 2004

Blank20th Century Alumni Art Exhibition (John Olbrantz, Suellen Johnson, Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2000

2010 Senior Art Students, 20102010 Senior Art Students (Bradly Meyer, Sam Dixon, Leona Hall, Paddy Brockamp, Amy Reynolds, Rebecca Wollesen) 2010

3 Guise, 20043 GUISE: An Artfully Simulated Semblance (Jonah Hanson, Adam Lahley, Blake Howard) 2004

5 Cups of Coffee, 2006-2007 5 Cups of Coffee - Showcase (Bryan Beck) 2006-2007


Access Denied, 2005 Access Denied: Banned Books (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Ruth Weston) 2005

The African-American Mosaic, 2002 The African-American Mosaic (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2002

Against the Rain, 2004 Against the Rain (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2004

Alaska's Black Gold, 2002

Alaska's Black Gold (Kristin Johnson) 2008

All Things French, 2002 All Things French (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2002

American Cowboy (LC Corner Exhibit) December 2010-January 2011

Andre Codrescu Jensen Lecture Display (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2002

Antarctica, 2006 Antarctica! (Karen Haberman) 2006

The Arkley Collection of Children's Literature from the 1800s, 2002 The Arkley Collection of Children's Literature from the 1800s (Margo Jensen, Carol Tripp) 2002

Art Faculty Raffle Exhibit, 2002 Art Faculty Raffle Exhibit (Suellen Johnson, Andrea Henkels Heidinger) 2002

Artifacts from the University Archives, 2006 Artifacts from the University Archives (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Jackson Stalley) 2006

ASL English Interpreting, 2010ASL English Interpreting (Jill Baker; WOU ASL English Interpreting Students, Class of 2011) 2010

Audubon Day at the Hamersly Library, 2003 Audubon Day at the Hamersly Library (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2003

Author's Corner, 2002Author's Corner - Langston Hughes/William Stafford (Samuel Jordan) 2002

Avian Art: Birds in Image and Word
Audubons, paintings, etchings and poetry
2nd floor gallery 
April - June 2011
Curator: Dr. Henry Hughes, WOU Humanities Faculty
Artists include: Richard Bunse and Paul Gentry, Local Artists


Bellamy Poetry Collection Fund (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2001

Books that Shaped America, 2002 Books that Shaped America (Library of Congress) 2002

From Bop Apocalypse to Blitzkrieg Bop, 2007 From Bop Apocalypse to Blitzkrieg Bop (David Ensminger, Bryan Beck, Sarah Speelman) 2007

"Breaking Light," 2004 "Breaking Light": The Creative Life of Tom Creelan (Hillary Russell, Dan Cannon, Dale Cannon, Eileen Cotter) 2004

Britta Franz Loan: TF, 2004-2005 Britta Franz Loan: Tibor Freund (Britta Franz) 2004-2005

Britta Franz Loan: BH, 2004-2005 Britta Franz Loan: Barbara Hepworth (Britta Franz) 2004-2005

Bullington Art Loan, 2005-2006 Bullington Art Loan (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2005-2006

Business Club Car Exhibit (Nick Bowers) 2002

Business Division, 2005 Business Division - Showcase (Ruth Weston, Jennifer Hegdal) 2005


Campbell Hall
3rd floor lobby
January - May 2011
A WOU Archives Exhibit

Campbell Hall Souvenirs, 2003 Campbell Hall Souvenirs (Sharon Lehner, Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2003

A Campus Grows, 2005 A Campus Grows (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2005

Campus Life, 2005 Campus Life (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Bryan Miyagishima, Carol Tripp) 2005

Capitol Exhibit Show (Camilla Gabaldon, Jackson Stalley, Bryan Miyagishima, Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2005

Car Show in May (Nick Bowers) 2005

Cartoon Critics, 2009Cartoon Critics (Stephani di Bona) 2009

Carvings from the Arctic, 2004 Carvings from the Arctic (Keni Sturgeon, Museollogy Students) 2004

Celebrate the Year of Color, 2004 Celebrate the Year of Color (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Jennifer Hegdal, Ruth Weston, Student Curators) 2004

Celebration of Excellence, 2005 Celebration of Excellence (Emily Plec, S.A.G.E Students) 2005

Hospice, 2009A Celebration of Life: Faces of Hospice (Willamette Valley Hospice of Salem, OR) 2009

Celebrating Teaching Excellence, 2006 Celebrating Teaching Excellence (Dr. Niki Young) 2006

Celebration of Excellence 2, 2007 Celebration of Excellence 2 (Dr. Niki Young) 2007

Censorship, 2006 Censorship (Bryan Miyagishima) 2006

Classroom Connections in Health and Physical Education, 2007 Classroom Connections in Health and Physical Education (Dr. Linda Stonecypher, WOU HPE Faculty) 2007

Collaboration, 2010Collaboration (Monica Setziol Phillips, Dixie Pannu, Kirk Jonasson) 2010

College of Education Connecting Teaching to Learning for 150 Years, 2006 College of Education Connecting Teaching to Learning for 150 Years (Dr. Dana Uveland, Dr. Mary Bucy) 2006

Color Everlasting, 2004Color Everlasting: Oregon Normal School Herbarium (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Sharon Lehner) 2004

Color Me Green, 2010Color Me Green (Anna Holt) 2010

The Color of Round, 2005 The Color of Round (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2005

Color Theorems for Mapping Systems, 2005 Color Theorems for Mapping Systems (Mathematics Students - Amanda Martin, Robert Keene, Richard Hake, William Bowers, Jennifer Carmichael, Christi Hodges) 2005

Connecting to Community, 2007 Connecting to Community (Jennifer Hansen, Jessica Henderson, WOU Students) 2007

Cornelia Paraskevas, 2005 Cornelia Paraskevas - Showcase (Ashley Zentz) 2005

Cranes for Peace, 2003 Cranes for Peace (Katie, Dori Hodgkin) 2003

Creating the Human Form, 2003 Creating the Human Form: Figure from Ancient Mexico (Nancee Jaffee, Student Curator, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University) 2003


Dawn of Printing, 2001 Dawn of Printing (Brian Johnson) 2001

Deaf Awareness Month, 2001 Deaf Awareness Month (Rory Nackerud, American Sign Language Club) 2001

Don Olcott - Showcase (Donna Smith) 2003

Dragon Boat
WOU Chinese Club presents the first annual Dragon Boat Festival
1st floor West lobby 
May 15 - June 10, 2011
Curator: Chung Fan Ni and the WOU Chinese Club

Dreaming Cows Mural Project, 2008 Dreaming Cows Mural Project (Betty LaDuke) 2008


Early Alaskan Tourist Trade, 2001 Early Alaskan Tourist Trade (Jensen Artic Museum: Mariana Mace) 2001

Ed Dover, 2004 Ed Dover - Showcase (Ruth Weston, Jennifer Hegdal) 2004

Eduardo González Viaña, 2010Eduardo González Viaña (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2010

Explorations II, 2006 Explorations II (John T. Casey) 2006


Faces of Arctic, 2002 Faces of Arctic (Mariana Mace) 2002

Faces of the Willamette Valley, 2003 Faces of the Willamette Valley (Curator Emeritus of the Jensen Artic Museum: Mariana Mace) 2003

FDR, 2005 FDR: A Presidency Revealed (Ruth Weston) 2005

Former Faculty Invitational Art Exhibition, 2000 Former Faculty Invitational Art Exhibition (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2000

From "Idiots" to Self Advocates, 2007 From "Idiots" to Self Advocates (Bryan Miyagishima, Dr. Hank Bersani) 2007


Gazpacho, 2003 Gazpacho (Donna Henderson, Darcy Henderson) 2003

Geri Marshall Collection, 2001 Geri Marshall Collection (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2001

Governor's Food Drive Silent Auction, 2008 Governer's Food Drive Silent Auction (2008 Hamersly Library Food Drive Committee: Nora Solvedt, Sean O'Neill, Jerrie Lee Parpart, Lori Hilterbrand) 2008

Grand Illusion, 2003 Grand Illusion: The Art and Practice of Magic (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Emily Barron) 2003

Green Light (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2010


Henry Hughes & Rebecca McCannell, 2005 Henry Hughes & Rebecca McCannell - Showcase (Ruth Weston, Jennifer Hegdal) 2005

Hispanic Heritage Posters, 2008 Hispanic Heritage Posters (Sam Beasley) 2008

How the Ink Feels, 2002 How the Ink Feels (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2002

Human Landscapes, 2001 Human Landscapes: From the Andes to the Cascades (Felix Oliveros, Rodrigo Alvares, Efrain Diaz-Horna) 2001

Hush Hush, 2006 Hush Hush: Images of Sex, Bodies and Rock'n'Roll (David Ensminger) 2006


In His Own Words
The Life of César Chávez
2nd & 3rd floor galleries
February 21 - March 21, 2011
Traveling exhibit from Humanities Texas

In the Picture, 2010In the Picture (Dr. Chloë Hughes, Dr. Hank Bersani) 2010

India Pilgrimage, 2001 India Pilgrimage (Tanya Lee) 2001

Installation/Performance Art, 2002 Installation/Performance Art (Scott Clendanials, John Tyler, Andrew Kerr, Robert Hansen, Andrea Henkles Heidinger, Advisor) 2002

International Night Display, 2001 International Night Display (Masumi Asai) 2001

It's Hoskisson, 2008 It's Hoskisson (Don Hoskisson) 2008


JFK -- bulletin board, (Donna Smith) 2003

John Rector - Showcase (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2004

John Tyler III, 2002-2003 John Tyler III - "Owahee River Bend" (John Tyler III) 2002-2003

Julie Warren Conn, 2003 Julie Warren Conn (Julie Warren Conn) 2003


Kate Bappe, 2008KATE BAPPE: An Exhibition of Graphic Design and Printmaking Work(Kate Bappe) 2008

Kimberly Jensen, 2008 Kimberly Jensen - Showcase (Hannah Luthy, Kristin Johnson) 2008

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial (Bryan Beck) 2007


Larry Bently, 2008 Larry Bently - Showcase (Hannah Luthy, Kristin Johnson) 2008

Looking for the Light, 2004 Looking for the Light (James Kirk) 2004

Looking Through a 100 Year Lens, 2006 Looking Through a 100 Year Lens
(Bryan Miyagishima) 2006

Lynn Charles Foster, 2002 Lynn Charles Foster (John Olbrantz) 2002


Mandala: Visit of the Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastary (Drepung Loseling Monestary Monks) 2000

Many Nations (LC Corner Exhibit) December 2010-January 2011

Mario & Alma Pastega Awards:

Gary Jensen, Jerry Braza, Victor Savicki (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2000-2001

Rob Winningham, John Henslee, Diane Baxter (Ruth Weston, Jennifer Hegdal) 2004-2005

Sharon Oberst, Lori Pagel, Eduardo Gonzalez-Viana (Ashley Zentz) 2005-2006

Dean Braa, Alice Sprague, Gavin Keulks (Bryan Beck) 2006-2007

Marita Cardinal, Teresa Bybee, Kit Andrews (Marissa Clausen) 2007-2008

Hank Bersani, Jon Tucker, Jessica Henderson (Marissa Clausen) 2008-2009

Mark Girod, Karie Mize, Ann Barton-Brown (Elizabeth Salisbury) 2009-2010


Mary E. Pettenger, 2007 Mary E. Pettenger - Showcase
(Kristin Johnson, Hannah Luthy) 2007

Memories of the Good Friday Earthquake, 2007 Memories of the Good Friday Earthquake (Kristin Johnson) 2007

Model UN exhibit (Mary Pettenger) 2003

Molly Mayhead, 2006 Molly Mayhead - Showcase (Ashley Zentz) 2006

Monmouth Series, 2003 Monmouth Series (James Mattingly) 2003

Monmouth's Famous Son, 2001 Monmouth's Famous Son: General Herbert Powell (William Bragg) 2001

Mother Bear Project, 2007 Mother Bear Project (Myk Rose, Bob Hautala) 2007

Mother Bear Project, 2008Mother Bear Project (Bob Hautala) 2008

MotherBear, 2009 Mother Bear Project (Bob Hautala) 2009

My Books, 2010My Books (Rebecca Wollesen) 2010


Nadija-Hope, 2002Nadija-Hope (Louise Muscato, Kachina Via, Bennie Tsuda) 2002

Nature's Art, 2010Nature's Art(Dr. David McCorkle) 2010

Neng Yang Paintings, 2005-2006 Neng Yang Paintings (Neng Yang) 2005-2006

New Zealand Experience, 2002 New Zealand Experience (Bob Main) 2002

Norris Collection, 2003 Norris Collection (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2003

Northwest Print Council Founders' Portfolio, 2003 Northwest Print Council Founders' Portfolio (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2003


On the Campaign Trail, 2006 On the Campaign Trail (Carl Fisher) 2006

An Ongoing Voyage, 2007 An Ongoing Voyage (Library of Congress) 2007

On & Off the Page, 2009
On & Off the Page (Amy Reynolds, Marissa Clausen) 2009

Open Road, 2005 Open Road (Library of Congress, Ruth Weston) 2005

Oregon Instructional Materials, 2010Oregon Instructional Materials (Carol Monders, Marissa Clausen, Amy Reynolds) 2010

Oregon Railroad Heritage Foundation, 2007 Oregon Railroad Heritage Foundation (Timothy Thompson, WOU Student) 2007

Outdoor Sculptures, 2006 Outdoor Sculptures (Ashley Zentz) 2006

PCAS: Overdue, 2007 OVERDUE: Professional Concerns Art Students (Ellie Toombs, Molly Druliner) 2007


Papua New Guinea, 2001 Papua New Guinea: Traditions and Change Among the Asabano - Showcase (Roger Lohmann) 2001

Past and Present(ing), 2005 Past and Present(ing): the Artist's Books of Michael Henninger (Michael Henninger) 2005

pastWords, 2003 pastWords (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2003

Peace Conference, 2001 Peace Conference (Lotte Larsen, Diane Tarter, Suellen Johnson, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon) 2001

Photographs, 2003Photographs (Kristopher Ibarra) 2003

A Piece of Oregon Sunshine (David McCorkle) 2001

Post-Consumer Art Installation, 2001 Post-Consumer Art Installation (Corey Angell, Rachael Bourdet, Mark Cyphers, Andrew Kerr, Laura Nunan, Brandon Schmeder, Andrea Henkels Heidinger) 2001

Professional Concerns Art Students:
PCAS, 2001
(Laura L Terranova, Yuki Kondo, Rachael Bourde) 2001

Professional Concerns Art Students
Senior art students present their work
3rd floor galleries 
May 20-30, 2011 - Curators: Reiko Harano, Kelly Parsons, Josh Gill
June 3-10, 2011- Curators: Marcie Wolf, Marcus Bellon, David Gu

Senior Exhibition, 2002
Senior Exhibition (Desiree Wood, Molly Adams, Katrina Day, Erika Denbrook) 2002

PCAS, 2003 (Deb Whitney, Shaheena Shamim, Sartoru Fujimoto) 2003

PCAS, 2005(Jennifer Hegdal, Lance Hunt) 2005

Part 1: PCAS, 2006 Part 1: Senior Art Exhibit Professional Concerns Art Students
(Daniel Hamberly, Eric Parks) 2006

Part 2: PCAS, 2006 Part 2: Senior Art Exhibit Professional Concerns Art Students (Christina Ferreria, Emily Tabachnick) 2006

PCAS, Overdue, 2006 Professional Concerns Art Students: OVERDUE (Ellie Toombs, Molly Druliner) 2006

Punch Cards to Laserdiscs, 2004 Punch Cards to Laserdiscs: A History of the Computer (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2004


A Quick Sketch of Campus, 2005 A Quick Sketch of Campus Buildings (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Ruth Weston) 2005


Rebecca McCannell & Henry Hughes, 2005 Rebecca McCannell & Henry Hughes - Showcase (Jennifer Hegdal, Ruth Weston) 2005

RED Scare, 2005 RED Scare (Camilla Gabaldon, Jackson Stalley, Rebecca Mayer) 2005

Remembering the Past, 2000 Remebering the Past (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2000

Revisiting Celebrating Excellence, 2007 Revisiting Celebrating Excellence (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Hannah Luthy) 2007

The 'River' Flows to Monmouth, 2004 The 'River' Flows to Monmouth (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2004

Sand Mandala

Sand Mandala(Samenling Monestary Monks) 2003

Shibori, 2005 Shibori (Susan Kristoferson, Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2005

Shiloh, 2008 Shiloh: Morning Star Collection (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Sam Beasley) 2008

Shopsin's, 2009Shopsin's (Marissa Clausen, Amy Reynolds) 2009

Silent Witnesses, 2001 Silent Witnesses (Student Advocates for Gender Equality (S.A.G.E.) 2001

Soap Box, 2009Soap Box Prints 2 (Amy Reynolds, Marissa Clausen) 2009

Solvieg Holmquist, 2007 Solvieg Holmquist - Showcase (Bryan Beck) 2007

Sorensen Award, 2009-2010Sorenson Award: Elisa Maroney (Marissa Clausen, Amy Reynolds) 2009-2010

Sportsmanship Scores, 2008 Sportsmanship Scores (Marissa Clausen) 2008

Streamers of Consciousness, 2002 Streamers of Consciousness (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Dr. Gary Jensen) 2002

Subhankar Banerjee, 2004 Subhankar Banerjee (Keni Sturgeon) 2004


Textures of Campus, 2005 Textures of Campus (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2005

A Theatrical Presence: The Davis Collection
Three decades of theatre at Western featuring the collection of Dr. Richard Davis
3rd floor galleries 
Curators: Jerrie Lee Parpart, Exhibits Coordinator,
Elizabeth Salisbury & Bethany Glasscock, WOU Archives Students

Thomas Jefferson's Legacy, 2004 Thomas Jefferson's Legacy (Library of Congress, Jerrie Lee Parpart, Emily Barrow) 2004

Tie One On, 2007 Tie One On: The Art of Fly Fishing (Jackson Stalley, Camila Gabaldon, Bryan Miyagishima, Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2007

A Turn of the Crank, 2002 A Turn of the Crank: The Creative Journey of Knight Library Press, University of Oregon (Sandy Tilcock, Marilyn Reaves) 2002


Unguva, 2001 Unguva (Brandon Schmeder, Tom Bahde, Michelle Burr, Jennifer Hawkins, Berill Blair) 2001



Wayward, 2008 Wayward: Traveling in the Artic (WOU Museum Studies Students: Joy Charron, Jessica Bertling, Hannah Cooney, Mat Davila, Jennifer Ezzell, Nolan Kinney, Betsy McDonald, Katelyn Moneke, Daniel Sprinkle, Jesus Zarate) 2008

Western's World, 2006 Western's World (Lee Clarkson, Jeanette Ferguson, Allison Mack, Heather Shinn, Samantha Spidell) 2006

Western Oregon University Oral History, 2006 Western Oregon University Oral History (Students under the Direction of Dana Uveland and Mary Bucy) 2006

Whale Symposium, 2005 Whale Symposium (Henry Hughes) 2005

Whiteness, 2005 Whiteness (Henry Hughes) 2005

Women of WOU, 2010Women of WOU (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Kelly Slaughter) 2010

Wordstock, 2005 Wordstock (Ruth Weston) 2005

Wordstock 2006 (Ashley Fink-Zentz) 2006

The World Above Us: Enter the ArcticThe World Above Us: Enter the Arctic (Roben Jack Larrison) 2007

WOU Music Faculty - Showcase (Jerrie Lee Parpart) 2004

WOU Faculty Publications
1st floor lobby
January - June 2011

WOU Student Foundations of Art Exhibit, 2002 WOU Student Foundations of Art Exhibit (Matt Stromberg) 2002

WWII in Arctic Alaska, 2008 WWII in Artic Alaska (Jerrie Lee Parpart, Roben Larrison) 2008



Yellow Umbrella Project Exhibit, 2006 Yellow Umbrella Project Exhibit (Dan Cannon) 2006