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Prince Lucien Campbell

1889 - 1902


Prince Lucien Campbell was born in Newmarket, Missouri, in October 1861. At the age of 4, his family moved to Montana where they lived until 1869, when his father, Thomas Franklin Campbell, was hired as president of Christian College in Monmouth, Oregon. Campbell grew up in Monmouth and graduated from Christian College, before continuing his education at Harvard.

After graduating from Harvard, Campbell worked for the Kansas City Star. In 1889, following in his father's footsteps, Campbell became president of the Oregon Normal School (ONS), formerly known as the Christian College. From 1889 to 1902 he led ONS and was known for putting the student body and community first, gaining him the respect of those who worked with him. While ONS President, Campbell continued the work his father started on what became known as Campbell Hall in honor of both TF Campbell and PL Campbell. Construction of the South Wing and the Bell Tower (both destroyed by the 1962 Columbus Day Storm and replaced by HSS in 1965) was completed in 1889, and the North Wing, which contained the school's library until the construction of a new library (now known as APS) in 1951, was finished in 1898.


In 1902, Campbell left the Normal School in Monmouth to become president of the University of Oregon, a position he held for 23 years. In 1923, his health started to deteriorate after he contracted influenza and by 1925 his health issues had become serious. During his educational career, Campbell was president of an Oregon university for more than 36 years. On August 14, 1925, Prince Lucien Campbell died.


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