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WOU Archives

General Information

The collections include slides and photographs; campus publications such as older college catalogs, student yearbooks, newspapers and handbooks; building and public sculpture information (including information about the training schools); clothing and uniforms worn by students; old commencement programs and diplomas; biographical information about our founders, faculty and presidents; minutes of the Faculty Senate; collections of student poetry; scrapbooks compiled by student clubs and dormitories; football films from the 1950s to the 1980s; and historical information about Monmouth. A special collection of Butler family letters documents pioneer life in Polk County in the 1850s and 1860s. Greater detail is available on the History of Western page.

The Archives are closed to the public, but all materials can be retrieved and reproduced upon request. Contact the Archives Staff for assistance.

Butler Family Letters Home Page


Biographies of WOU Presidents

Brief biographies detailing the lives and accomplishments of the presidents of WOU have been compiled and made available on the WOU presidents page.


Photographs and slides illustrate all aspects of student life including athletics, dormitory life, science and art classes, student clubs and organizations, May Day pageants, graduation, and alumni reunions. Individual photographs exist of Western's presidents, founders, and many faculty and staff. Photographs document most buildings and landmarks on campus and reveal the changes to their appearance over time, including the dramatic damage to Campbell Hall and the destruction of the Grove by the famous Columbus Day Storm on October 12, 1962. Older photographs from the 19th century include Monmouth area homes used as boarding houses, the first football team in 1893, and an 1890's faculty and staff climb of Mt. Hood. Monmouth photographers C.C. Lewis and the Davidson Studio took many of the 19th and early 20th century photographs in the Archives collection.

A Subject Index to the Photographic Collection will be available on this Web site in the future.

Reproduction of Photographs

All photographs and slides can be reproduced as prints or slides at the University's
Productions Center. Prints requested and paid for in advance can be sent to you by mail.

Photographs belong to Western University Archives and credit must be given with the phrase "(Photograph Courtesy of Western Oregon University Archives)."

Published photographs from the Archives

Bronner, Simon. Piled Higher and Deeper: The Folklore of Academic Life. Little Rock: August House, 1990.

Huxford, Gary. Since 1856....Historical Views of the College at Monmouth. Monmouth, OR: Western Oregon State College, 1996.

A Pictorial History of the Willamette Valley. In press, 1997.

Rushford, Jerry. Christians on the Oregon Trail: Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in Early Oregon, 1842-1882. Joplin, Mo: College Press, 1997.

Stebbins, Ellis. The OCE Story. Monmouth, OR: Oregon College of Education, 1973.


Campus Publications

All major campus publications are retained by Archives and include current and older issues of campus newsletters, newspapers, directories, handbooks, yearbooks, and catalogs published by any office or organization on campus. In addition stories published about the campus are kept in newsclipping notebooks. Unless otherwise noted, all copies are housed in the Archives. In the future there will be a breakdown by campus office or organization that issues a publication. The Archives welcomes donations to fill gaps in the holdings.

Major current publications listed alphabetically:

Affirmative Action Report
1991 - to date
Current: Reserve 88-11 pc
Older: Archives

Alumni Newsletter
1943 - to date
issues bound in the back of the student newspaper
Title Changes
1943 - 1985 called OCEAN (Oregon College of Education Alumni News)
1986 to date called Alumni Newsletter

Annual Data Base (Office of the Provost)
1986 - to date
Current: Reserve 88-12 pc
Older: Archives

Budget: see Annual Data Base and OSSHE Operating Budget

College Catalogs
1871 - to date (some missing years)
Current: Reference Collection: 1972/73 - to date, call number LB2342.86 W46
Older: Archives: 1871 - 1971/72

Continuing Education Bulletin
1986 - to date

Faculty Handbook
1956 - to date

Faculty Senate Minutes
1962 - to date

Faculty/ Staff Directory (lists names, offices locations, phone numbers)
1933-37; 1940-47; 1950; 1957; 1960 - to date.

Faculty/Staff Newsletter - see WestWords

LAMRON - see  
Western Star

NCATE Reports
(institutional reports to the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers)
1966; 1976; 1986

News Releases (Office of Public Information)
1987 - to date (some years missing)

Newsletters published by various campus offices:
Academic Affairs Update (Provost's Office) 1996-1997
Applause (Edgar Smith Fine Arts Series) 1990 - to date
Bodyguard (Wellness Center) 1994 - to date
College Enrichment Program News 1991 - to date
Faculty Resource Center (Educational Media Center) 1998 - to date
FSA Western (Fire Services Administration) 1989 - to date
Gender Studies Newsletter
1994 - to date
Global Citizen (International Education Office) 1985 - to date
Service Bridges (Teaching Research) 1974 - to date
Supervisor's Edge (Office of Personnel and Safety Services) 1992 - to date
Transitions: A Newsletter for Non-Traditional Students (WUC) 1994 - to date
Western Oregon Update (Office of the President) 1995 - to date
Western Recycler (Physical Plant) 1994 - 1995
WestWords 1980 - to date
Wolfgram (Admissions Office) 1980 - to date

Newsclippings Files (Newspaper stories about the institution, faculty, staff & alumni that appeared in state newspapers)
1939 - 1949
1980 - to date

Newsmakers (Monthly compilations of news stories about the University)
1994 - to date
Current: Reserve 88:34 pc
Older: Archives

OSSHE Operating Budget (includes WOU)
1990 - to date
Current: Reserve OR HE SB85
Older: Archives

Personnel List (information about faculty, staff, and graduate assistants)
1989 - to date
Current: Reserve 88-18 pc
Older: Archives
Related Titles
Faculty Data 1977-94
Payroll Ledgers 1925-1956

Schedule of Classes (Lists specific courses taught each quarter)
1958/59 - to date (some years missing)

Self-Study Reports (to the Northwest Association of Schools & Colleges)
1968; 1978; 1988; 1997
Current: Reserve 88-7 pc
Older: Archives

Student Newspaper - see Western Star

Student Handbook
1926 - to date (some years missing)

Student Yearbook
1905 - 1991
Not published 1909-1911; 1933-35; 1973-78; 1980-86; no issues after 1991.
1920-1991: Reserve
1905-1919: Archives
Title Changes
1940-1991 called The Grove
1911-1939 called The Norm
1905-1909 called The Courier

Summer School Bulletin
1912 - to date (many early years missing)

Western Oregon Update (President's Office)
1995 - to date

WOU Journal
1924 - to date
Copies available at the Circulation Desk. Library Use Only.
Title Changes
1999 to date called WOU Journal
1989 - 1999 called The Western Star
1924 - 1989 called LAMRON ("Normal" spelled backwards)

1975 - to date
Title Changes
1980 - to date called WestWords
1975 - 1979 called OCE Bulletin


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