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CONSTRUCTION DATES: Swindel Hall was built in two stages. The north end of was built in 1922 and the south end in 1927. The building was purchased for school use in 1963.


REMODEL: Information on any major renovation is unavailable.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The barn-like structure was built by the original owners, according to Ralph Winegar, son of the former owner and builder.


COSTS: Cost information for the purchase of Swindel Hall is unavailable.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: The two story wood building was probably designed by the original owner.


CURRENT USES: The building is currently used for storage.


HISTORY: Swindel Hall contains 5,849 square feet of space and housed the Education and Psychology departments until 1965. The new General Laboratory and Office Building, built in 1965 and affectionately known as GLOB, replaced Swindel Hall as the education and psychology building. Today GLOB is known as the Education Building.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: Swindel Hall was moved to its current location east of the physical plant to make room for Hamersly Library.



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