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Building - Maple Hall Maple Hall (MH)

CONSTRUCTION DATES: Maple Hall was constructed in 1913 as the college gymnasium and recreation center and dedicated in March of 1914.


REMODEL: The original floor was entirely replaced in 1920 due to its weakened state. A snack bar was installed to serve the students in 1948. In 1952, the ceiling was lowered, lighting installed, and the fireplace was finished to create better atmosphere for the student recreation center.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The initial construction was overseen by Stebinger Construction, and the 1952 remodeling was completed by Cummings Construction with C. Howard Kable as architect.


COSTS: Maple Hall was built for $9,000. President Ackerman saved the funds through “efficient administration” of the university’s budget. The 1952 remodel cost approximately $8,500.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: A.E. Doyle of Portland designed Maple Hall in a Tudor style to fit architecturally with the other buildings of the inner quad. The barn-like structure features wooden lower walls topped by a large vaulted hip ceiling and beamed plaster.


CURRENT USES: Dance classes are currently taught in the 4,603 square feet of Maple Hall. Special events and student club functions are also sometimes held in Maple Hall. Rainbow Dance Troupe Theatre is located here as well.


HISTORY: Maple Hall was originally built as a gymnasium and served that purpose from 1914 through 1936. In 1936, the building became the recreation hall for the campus until 1960. With the construction of a new student recreation center, Maple Hall became the dance studio and site of intramural sporting events until the construction of the first Physical education building.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: It was a custom for the juniors to paint their year on the roof of Maple Hall. In 1926, the senior preempted this painting by capturing and holding the juniors in a railroad box car on the intended night of the painting. In retaliation, the juniors planned to pelt the seniors with rotten eggs. The juniors mistakenly attacked a group of OAC students, not the responsible seniors from ONS.


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