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Instructional Technology Center (ITC)

CONSTRUCTION DATES: The main building was finished in 1916 to replace the wooden structure that had housed the model school since 1882. In 1986 the building became the university’s Instructional Technology Center (ITC).


REMODEL: Major additions and renovations were completed in 1949 by Glen Stanton and Hollis Johnson of Portland and Annad, Boone, and Lei in1959. In 1962 the school underwent another remodeling project, and in 1986, renovations were done as necessary to adapt the building to its current use.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The initial brick building construction was awarded to the firm of Snook and Traver in 1915.


COSTS: The 1915 construction of the two story brick wing cost $35,000. The 1949 construction added a wing on the northeast end of the school for $120,000 and the main building was remodeled at a cost $92,000. A second wing on the southeast side was completed in 1959 and construction bills totaled $60,000. The 1962 renovations totaled $65,000.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: John V. Bennes, State Architect, was the lead on the initial construction. The structure was built with bricks in the Jacobean style to blend in with the other buildings in the area.


CURRENT USES: The building now houses the university’s computer and audio/visual centers in addition to office space and classrooms.


HISTORY: In the late 1880s a wooden structure was built to house the College’s model school and provide training for future teachers. The model school facility was Monmouth’s only school until completion of Monmouth High School in 1911. After the high school was built, the model school housed only the elementary students (k-8). In 1915, ONS constructed a new building for the Training School which later became the ITC building. Two annexes were added to the building in 1949 and the name changed to Monmouth Training School. After the completion on the Monmouth Elementary School in 1964, the name was changed to College Elementary School (CES) to avoid confusion. In 1984, the college announced that it would not renew the lease for the CES and the school would have to vacate by June, 1986. At that time, the building was rededicated as the ITC building.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: Over the front doors is the quote “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” The subject of some controversy, the quotation has been attributed to librarian John Cotton Dana who initially suggested it for a New Jersey teachers training college in 1912.


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