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Building - Hamersly Library (HL)

CONSTRUCTION DATES: Hamersly Library was dedicated in September of 2000.


REMODEL: Hamersly library has not had a significant remodel as of 2004.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: Kirby Nagelhout Construction company was awarded the contract for Hamersly Library.


COSTS: Hamersly Library construction bills totaled $14.3 million when all costs are included.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: The WE Group of Portland designed the modern brick building with arched windows and gables to be reminiscent of Campbell Hall.


CURRENT USES: Hamersly Library is the university’s main library and contains the latest in educational technology. Hamersly Library also houses art exhibits and special musical and dance performances. Governor Straub’s personal papers and notes are archived at Hamersly Library.


HISTORY: This is the third library on the Monmouth campus. The first library was in the North Wing of Campbell Hall. In 1951, a new library building was built on the corner of Monmouth and Jackson Street to replace the Campbell Hall library. The building was enlarged to meet a growing demand in 1968. The library moved to its current location with the completion of Hamersly Library in 2000 to help ease chronic overcrowding at the former building.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: A volunteer “book brigade” moved the library’s texts from the old facility in what’s now the Academic Programs and Support Center to their new home in Hamersly. Like a fire brigade of old, books were handed down a line of people from the old library to the new library. The Watson House was moved to its current location to make way for the new library. Currently the library's collections contain over 200,000 texts with the capacity to hold 200,000 more.


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