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CONSTRUCTION DATES: Butler Hall construction started in February, 1964, and was completed by early 1965.


REMODEL: The information on any significant remodel is unavailable.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: Information on the builder is unavailable.


COSTS: Butler Hall was built for $575,000 in 1965.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: Butler Hall consists of four relatively small structures made of reinforced concrete with some masonry construction. Each building is identified by a pod designation. Pod A contains the common rooms and the residence advisers’ living area. Pod B of Butler Hall is made up of apartment units consisting of a living/study/kitchenette area, separate bedroom, separate bathroom, and outside entrances. Each unit in Pod B houses two students. Butler Hall Pods C and D are apartment units with living and study areas, separate bedroom, and separate bathroom. Each unit may house up to four students as enrollment dictates, but is often capped at one to people.


CURRENT USES: Butler Hall is one of the University’s coeducational dormitory buildings. Butler and Gentle Hall house approximately 75 junior and senior students in 24,641 square feet.


HISTORY: Constructed as dormitory, Butler Hall was opened for students in September, 1965. The building dedication was performed on May 6, 1966 during Alumni Day. During the ceremony, a framed picture of J.B.V. Butler was hung in the dormitory.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: Butler Hall is named in honor of J.B.V. Butler. Butler, born in Monmouth in 1862, was a graduate of Oregon Normal (class of 1884), teacher, Dean of Men at OCE, Secretary of the Board of Regent of Normal Schools, librarian, registrar, and an acting president of OCE during his educational career. Butler Hall has set records for endurance. In 1967, Butler Hall played in a charity basketball game against Arnold Arms for a national record 44 hours. Arnold Arms won the contest 4,090 to 3,991. In 1972, Butler Hall attempted to set a world record for group toilet-sitting. The “johnathon” was done in shifts over a week to raise money for a local charity. There is no official word on the success of the marathon but, as it was a first, the johnathon probably set the world record.



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