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CONSTRUCTION DATES: Arnold Arms was built as a boarding house by Newman J. Arnold in 1925. The building was purchased by the State Board of Higher Education for use as a college residence hall in 1946.


REMODEL: Arnold Arms was refurbished when the school purchased the building. Information on any other remodel is unavailable.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The structure was probably built by Hamilton Mulkey, the original owner.


COSTS: The State Board of Higher Education purchased Arnold Arms for $23,000 including furnishings and land.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: Arnold Arms is a colonial style boarding house containing 6,587 square feet. Information on an architect is unavailable.


CURRENT USES: Arnold Arms currently houses the mathematics faculty offices.


HISTORY: Arnold Arms was built as a private women’s boarding house for the Oregon Normal School on land purchased from Hamilton Mulkey. In 1929 Arnold sold the building to Carl Myers of Salem. In 1946, the State Board of Higher Education purchased Arnold Arms for use as a men’s residence hall and to house single WWII veterans. Arnold Arms was converted into a women’s dormitory in the 1950s, and again became a men’s dorm with the opening of Arbuthnot Hall in 1962.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: Arnold Arms and Butler Hall played a charity game of basketball in 1967 that broke the US basketball endurance record. Arnold Arms won the 44 hour contest 4,090 to 3,991 with a late rally to overcome a 117 point deficit.




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