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Building - Lieuallen Administration Building (AD)


Admin buliding

CONSTRUCTION DATES: The Administration Building was completed in stages. First and second floor construction began in December 1935 and was completed in September 1936. The building dedication was held October 26, 1936. Third floor construction started in 1946 with an Open House on April 17, 1947 to celebrate completion of the third floor.

REMODEL: In 1970, the basement of the Administration Building was remodeled and the ground floor offices enlarged. The third floor was renovated to house student information and publications which had been located in the basement of the College Center. Awnings and stairs were also added to the back entrance.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The construction of 1935-6 was undertaken by William & L. L. Quigley of Portland. The third floor construction was completed by Associated Builders of Corvallis on a cost-plus contract. The remodeling was completed by J. Moody & Son Construction in 1970 and was funded by the state legislature.


COSTS: The original construction was completed for $100,000 in 1936. Funding was obtained from the federal government with $45,000 in the form of grant money and $55,000 in a loan from the Public Works Administration. The Third Floor addition cost approximately $50,000, and the 1970 remodel work cost $500,000.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: The original building was designed by John V. Bennes and done in the internationale or moderne style. The name of the style comes from the 1925 Paris Exposition Internaionale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes. Bennes also designed the campus Instructional Technology Center and The Cottage as well as additions to Campbell Hall and Jessica Todd Hall. W. Dorr Legge completed the architectural plans for the third floor in 1946.


CURRENT USES: The Administration Building houses the major administrative offices of the campus including the President's Office, Registrar, Financial Aid, Graduate Office, and others.


HISTORY: Upon completion the Administration Building replaced Campbell Hall as the administrative center of the campus. The faculty offices in West House were also moved into the new building. From 1936 through 1970 the building housed science classes on the third floor until the Natural Sciences Building was erected. Additionally, psychology classes were taught in the Administration Building until the 1960s. The Administration Building at one time also contained the Admissions Office and the Personnel Office.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: The Administration Building’s groundbreaking ceremony featured the first use of a “golden shovel” on campus. Christmas lights first appeared on the exterior in 1989. A broken drain pipe on the roof flooded the Administration building on September 27, 1995 doing significant damage to the ceiling and floors.


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