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Academic Programs and Support Center (APSC)

CONSTRUCTION DATES: The original building was built in 1951 as the school's new library.


REMODEL: In 1966 a major addition was completed adding 19,000 square feet and doubling the size. The addition was finished by James S. Hickey, Inc. of Portland for $600,000.


CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The original construction contractor was E.E. Batterman of Salem.


COSTS: Construction costs totaled approximately $224,000 for the original building.


ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: Wolff and Phillips of Portland were awarded the architecture contract for the building.


CURRENT USES: The building currently serves as the location for several university student support programs. Included in the Academic Programs and Support Center are Academic Advising and Learning Center, Admissions, Disability Services, Honors Program, International Admissions and Advising, Student Enrichment Program, and the Writing Center.


HISTORY: The Academic Programs and Support Center building was the location of the Western Oregon Library from 1951 until completion of Hamersly Library in 2000. The facility was built to ease the overcrowding in the old library located in the North Wing of Campbell Hall.


OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: A cerimonial "Book Brigade" was organized to move the texts from the old building to the new Hamersly Library building in 2000. The same technique was used when the library moved from Campbell Hall in 1951. The architecture was singled out for excellence in Progressive Architecture in 1953. Despite awards, the library suffered from an excessive noise problem as the long curving glass windows and open spaces of the mezzanine combined to carry sound.


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