Pin Oaks on Stadium Drive
Located on the along the East side of Stadium Drive, west of McArthur Stadium

Quercus palustris *
(KWER-kus pa-LUS-tris); palustris: of swamps
Closer view of pin oaks along Stadium Drive
A gift from the graduating class of 1965.

Native from Massachusetts to Delaware, west to Wisconsin and Arkansas,
this broadleaf, deciduous tree can reach 60-75 feet.
It is one of the fastest growing oaks putting on as much as 15 feet in 5-7 years.
Pyramidal in shape, it has a prominent central stem with descending lower branches.
It's shallow root system allows it to be more easily transplanted than many other oaks.

In fall the foliage ranges from russet, bronze, to brilliant red; many leaves hang on all winter.
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* Information from Oregon State University's Landscape Plants web site.