Pin Oaks on Stadium Drive
Pin oaks on the west side of McArthur Stadium
A gift from the graduating class of 1965,
the wonderful fall foliage of the maturing oaks can just be seen at the edges of the stadium.
In the W.O.S.C catalog of 1987-89, there is a drawing of a small Pin Oak and a leaf
on the introductory OSU/WOSC School of Education page with the following ~
Pin Oak
Quercus palustris
A row of Pin Oaks lines Stadium Avenue sharing their bright oranges,
reds and yellows with the Saturday crowds at Western football games.
Popular trees, these oaks were planted by the class of 1965
in what is now called the "Oak Grove."


Location on campus:
East side of Stadium Drive, west of McArthur Stadium
Closer view of pin oaks