Millstone Plaque
Vanderpool Mill Plaque
The plaque reads:
"During the early years of our
nation's history millstones like
these from the Vanderpool mill
in the Parker district southeast
of Monmouth, ground grain for
the white settlers."
At the Heritage Museum in Independence, a publication titled
"Our History of Education, The Central School District, Past and Present"
compiled by the Central High School Band in 1973, offers this information about Parker:
"The Parker school was located two miles west of Buena Vista
and two miles southeast of Helmick Park.
In 1929 it had nine students and one teacher.
The district was suspended in 1939, but operated again from 1941 to 1943.
It was consolidated with Monmouth and Independence on April 8, 1949.
The school house is still standing near the community of Parker." *
Location on campus:
Sandwiched between the north tennis court and the
northwest corner of the west wing of the Humanities and Social Sciences building
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