Plaque for the
Erratic Granite Boulder
plaque for granite erratic
The plaque is mounted along the northeast edge of the walkway
Plaque found on the wall along the front walk of Natural Sciences building
along the front of the Natural Sciences building.
An article in the March 1, 1932, edition of The Lamron included the initial location of the boulder on campus ~
"Near the main entrance to the administration building reposes a large rock upon which is carved the numerals of the class of 1905. This rock which was found in a nearby field, was declared by Dr. Condon, Oregon's foremost geologist, to be a relic of the glacial period which took place more than three million years ago."
The rock, which is tucked into
The erratic granite boulder
the northeast corner of the garden, is easy to overlook.
Location on campus:
The east garden in front of the Natural Sciences building
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The Lamron article provided by the archives, Hamersly Library.