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International Student Academic Support

Success Stories


We asked several successful international students to answer some questions about their experiences studying at Western Oregon University. Here's what they had to say.Apply to WOU



Nan Liao 廖楠


Major: Psychology, Minor: undecided

Hometown: Nanning

Started at WOU: Winter 2012


What has been the most exciting aspect of attending university in the US?

I think the most exciting aspect of attending university in the US is I have more freedom to try some new things and learn some new knowledge, which I may not have chance to try before.

Nan Liao

Before you came to the US for university, what was your biggest worry about coming here?

I worried about I couldn’t understand what the professors say in the classes, and I couldn’t make some new friends.


What has been the most challenging aspect of attending university in the US?

For me, the most challenging aspect of attending university in the US is how to solve the language barrier because sometimes I can understand what the professors talk about, but it’s hard to really understand the meaning of what the professors said.


What university resources have you used to be successful?

I join in a program that was called Discover Leadership, which teaches me a lot. And I always notice some posters that post on campus, which I can find some opportunities to try something new.


What skills have you developed as a university student?

How to make a presentation.


What advice would you give to new international students?

Try to be opening, and try something that you never experience before. Also, trying to make new friends and learn local cultural.


Choose 3 words to describe your overall experience at WOU.

Changing, Confusing, and Interesting


Tell one interesting fact about yourself.

I am a member in WOU drumline.






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