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Senior Thesis or Project

Since it became required in 1989, the Senior Thesis/Project has been the culmination of each Honors student's course of undergraduate study. It represents a significant individual endeavor that can be either creative, scholarly, pedagogical, or scientific. Whether applying to graduate schools or to possible employers, Honors students discover that their senior project is a distinctive addition to their professional portfolios.


Upon completion and advisor approval, the thesis is publicly presented to the college community at a ceremony at the end of the graduate's senior year. The final copy is then bound and catalogued in Western Oregon University's Hamersly Library. The students' theses titles are also listed on special pages of the graduation program.

Important Dates and Deadlines

List of Past Honors Graduates and Thesis Titles


Past theses have ranged across numerous subjects in the humanities, sciences, and education. Some students have written creative works in fiction or that were performed on stage.


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