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Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Management and Information Systems
Preparing highly skilled and effective business and information technology personnel

Business Courses

BA 604 Business, Government, and Society (4 credits)

Explores the interrelationships among business, government, and society, with an emphasis on the social responsibility of business. Topics include governmental regulation, diversity in the work place, environmental policy, ethical decision making, and business involvement in the political process.

BA 606 Special Individual Studies (1-8 credits)

Terms and hours to be arranged. A specialized or individualized course of graduate study to be arranged in consultation with a Business or Economics instructor. Eligible for RP grade option.

BA 610 Marketing Analysis and Strategy (4 credits)

Overview of situational elements affecting an organization�s marketing planning process and the tools and techniques available for implementing a marketing plan. Involves industry/market, competitor, customer and internal analysis in addition to formulating a marketing mix designed to achieve marketing objectives based on those analyses.

BA 615 General Linear Models (4 credits)

This is a course in regression analysis, emphasizing application and interpretation of results, validity of the assumptions, model selections. This course is designed for managerial decision making.

BA 620 Budgetary Process (4 credits)

This course will provide a general understanding of the budgetary process. It will include capital and cash budgeting, specific skills for gathering, analyzing and presenting budgetary information.

BA 630 Report Writing and Economic Analysis (4 credits)

Writing reports in support of a position or argument. Basic steps including forming a precise hypothesis, collecting and analyzing economic data to test the hypothesis, and presenting the results in a written report. Emphasis will also be placed on critically analyzing reports written by others.

BA 635 Professional Project (6 credits)

This independent enrollment course permits students to complete a professional project of their choosing, approved by their advisor, which applies their gained knowledge in management of information systems.

BA 640 Organizational Leadership (4 credits)

This course examines leadership in theory and practice. Topics include communication, motivation, leadership style, individual and group decision-making, conflict management, and negotiation.

BA 645 Operations Management (4 credits)

Investigates managerial processes pertinent to internal operations of enterprises. TOpics include competitiveness, strategies and productivity, locations and capacity decisions, forecasting, aggregate planning, inventory management, material requirement planning, management of quality and quality control, management of waiting lines, and lean operations.

BA 650 Accounting/Finance and Information Systems (4 credits)

Addresses the accounting and finance topics relevant to managerial decisions and information systems use and design. Topics include the basic managerial functions required of an accounting/financial system, and the design process including requirements analysis, design and testing, data conversion, and support functions.

BA 675 Topics in Business (1-8 credits)

Topics vary from term to term and focus on requisite skills for academic and the workplace, particularly for management and information systems. Topics may include quantitative analysis, scientific method, research and reporting, writing for the professions, collaborative efforts, leadership skills and others. May be repeated for up to 8 credits..

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